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  • Jan 29 2009
  • 29 Jan 2009

Collectible Book Terminology Part I – Bindings

Dealer catalogs often contain confusing words or phrases used to describe the books that are offered for sale. The terms may be understandable to professionals […]

  • Jan 20 2009
  • 20 Jan 2009

The Addictive Art of Collecting Books

When it comes to the rare, antique or collectible book, for a serious collector, there is more in play than just the book. “A book […]

  • Jan 13 2009
  • 13 Jan 2009

Interest in, Value of King Memorabilia Rise

This month’s significance will be indelibly etched in American history with Barack Obama’s inauguration on January 20 as the nation’s first African-American president. And only […]

  • Nov 13 2008
  • 13 Nov 2008

Mining for Book Treasures

Why amass book collectibles? What drives some of us to fill our homes from floor to ceiling with books, to haunt bookshops, book fairs and auctions to acquire more and then cast forth again to seek yet more? Well, mainly, many of us who collect do so because we love books, and we like to have them around us within easy reach.

  • Oct 27 2008
  • 27 Oct 2008

Circus Route Books – A Record of the Past

Circus Route Books — A Record of the Past

By Larry Kellogg

  • Oct 14 2008
  • 14 Oct 2008

Mid Century Modern Reference Guides

Forget About Price Guides; for Mid Century Modern Furniture, Look for Reference Guides

By Bradley Downs

  • Oct 13 2008
  • 13 Oct 2008

Early Car Makers Desired Hit Song to Boost Sales

Early Car Makers Desired Hit Song to Boost Sales

By Dave Bausch

In the field of Automobilia, the one subject most collected is advertising. Advertising took many forms: posters, prints, toys, magazine ads, postcards just to name a few. But the one that most of the automobile makers yearned for was to have their specific model of car depicted on sheet music.

  • Sep 23 2008
  • 23 Sep 2008

Mourning Books And Rituals—Comforting The Spirit

Today the subject of death is largely avoided and it is expected that any signs of grief should be done only in private. We have removed ourselves from the reality of death and it has become a sterile process, gone is the the loving vigil of the family attending to the physical and spiritual needs of the dying person.

  • Sep 21 2008
  • 21 Sep 2008

What is your old book worth?

What is Your Old Book Worth?

The value of old books can vary based on many, many factors. Unfortunately, your book may not have a high value just because it is old – or even because it is a famous title. The following guidelines for 19th and 20th century books are just a few areas that may help explain valuation.

First Editions

  • Sep 17 2008
  • 17 Sep 2008

This Week in Geek 9/17

This Week in Geek is a weekly blog about new comics written by Worthpoint Comic book Worthologist Matt Baum. Every Wednesday Matt takes a look at the week’s new comics from a collector’s point-of-view and discusses which books may be hard to find in the near future and why.