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  • Sep 18 2015
  • 18 Sep 2015

How to Know If Granny’s Old Books Are Worth Anything

At some point, most people find ways to dispense with the personal property of a loved one. Keepsakes are divided and estate sales are held. […]

  • Mar 17 2014
  • 17 Mar 2014

Q & A with Harry Rinker: ‘Bone’ Picture Book, Honeywell Kangaroo Paperweight

QUESTION: I own a copy of the “Bone Picture Book,” published by McGraw-Hill in 1968. Before listing it on eBay, I tried to research its […]

  • May 31 2013
  • 31 May 2013

Space, the Final Collecting Frontier: ‘Star Trek’ Toys and Memorabilia

The second half of the 1960s was a memorable time for American television programming. Audiences were introduced to numerous shows that would become revered classics, […]

  • Apr 6 2013
  • 6 Apr 2013

Hitting a Circus Jackpot at Annual Florida Antiquarian Book Fair

This year I hit the jackpot in my on-going quest to add to my collection of circus memorabilia. Each March, for most of the past […]

  • Feb 12 2013
  • 12 Feb 2013

Auction House, Damaged by Sandy, Returns with Toy, Book, Memorabilia Sales

LYNBROOK, N.Y.— Three auctions have been scheduled for February and March featuring historical memorabilia, rare books, stamps, and coins hosted by Phillip Weiss Auctions. The […]

  • Dec 16 2008
  • 16 Dec 2008

Photographs as Book Illustrations

The History of Photographs as Book Illustrations Projected images date back to as early as 1544, when multi-mirrored instruments were used to transfer the solar […]

  • Nov 29 2008
  • 29 Nov 2008

What Vintage Children’s Book Collectors Collect

Vintage Children’s Books

By Liz Holderman

Children’s book collectors cover a very wide spectrum of interests, collecting many different sub-genres within the field, and often couldn’t be more different in terms of their personal favorites. Here are just a very few areas of collectibility.

Juvenile Series

  • Oct 9 2008
  • 9 Oct 2008

Children’s Book Awards Winners—Different Thoughts in Collecting

Children’s Book Awards Winners—Different Thoughts in Collecting

By Liz Holderman

Fans of antique children’s books collect in many different ways. Some like to collect the entire work of one author or illustrator, some like only first or limited editions, some seek books about a certain subject and some like to collect books that have received literary awards.

  • Sep 4 2008
  • 4 Sep 2008

Dating The Wizard of Oz

Many old books do not include publication dates. Copyright dates, which are often incorrectly used to determine a book’s age, are usually much earlier than actual publication dates, because most classic books were eventually produced by a variety of publishers and sometimes with a variety of different illustrators. L.

  • Sep 4 2008
  • 4 Sep 2008

The History of Recorded Fairy Tales

Folk and fantasy stories have been passed down through the ages for thousands of years and have an ancient oral tradition in almost every country. The early fantasy tales were quite a bit different from the sanitized versions produced today.