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  • Sep 4 2008
  • 4 Sep 2008

Incredible Leonard Schrader Lobby Card Collection Sells

One of the most amazing American collections of movie memorabilia known has sold to an as-yet unnamed foreign buyer.

  • Sep 4 2008
  • 4 Sep 2008

The condition of movie paper–and how it affects prices

Let’s start with the absolute basics: all serious collectors desire items that are as near perfect as possible, and the closer to perfect an item is, the higher the price it can command.

  • Sep 4 2008
  • 4 Sep 2008

Unprecedented movie memorbilia collection to be auctioned in December

The Los Angeles Times is reporting that a movie memorbilia collection some say is second only to that of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences will be auctioned off in mid-December of this year.

  • Sep 4 2008
  • 4 Sep 2008

Invasion of the Body Snatchers Times Four

Quite a few movies about invading aliens scared us during the collision of the Atomic Era with the Space Age in the 1950s.

Only one, however, transforms like some space creature to fit the zeitgeist of each new generation. Several of those original 50s films about aliens have been remade once.

  • Sep 4 2008
  • 4 Sep 2008

Popular movie poster sizes

Movie paper refers to cinema promotional material printed on paper. Movie display art also appeared on more durable card stock (LobX cards, half sheets, and insert cards, for instance).

Common popular sizes (in inches) include the following:

One sheet:

27” X 41” before the 1980s, thereafter, 27” X 40”

  • Aug 31 2008
  • 31 Aug 2008

Dinner in Camelot

The date was June 20, 1959. John F. Kennedy, then a United States senator from Massachusetts, was campaigning across the country for the 1960 Democratic nomination for president. Campaigning with him was his wife, Jacqueline.

  • Aug 28 2008
  • 28 Aug 2008

From the Files of Wilcox and Hall Appraisers- Norman Rockwell’s Four Freedom’s

  • Aug 19 2008
  • 19 Aug 2008

This Week in Geek 8/20

This Week in Geek is a weekly blog about new comics written by Worthpoint Comicbook Worthologist Matt Baum. Every Wednesday Matt takes a look at the week’s new comics from a collector’s point-of-view and discusses which books may be hard to find in the near future and why.

  • Aug 13 2008
  • 13 Aug 2008

The Comic Speculator: Small Press Gems

The Comic Speculator is a blog by Worthpoint Comic Book Worthologist Matt Baum that discusses back issue comics and the back issue market.

  • Aug 2 2008
  • 2 Aug 2008

Hispanic Heroes of the DCU

Cinco De Mayo is here again and in honor of Mexican independence day I thought a list of some famous Hispanic Super Heroes from the DC Universe and their first appearances was in order. The first that comes to mind is the current Blue Beetle Jaime Reyes. Just last week DC published and all Spanish issue of “Blue Beetle”.