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  • Jun 6 2011
  • 6 Jun 2011

My Little Collection — Postcards Featuring ‘Little People’

My favorite postcard collection involves “freak show” performers, who appeared in circuses and carnivals. And the cards I show most often are those of little […]

  • Apr 19 2011
  • 19 Apr 2011

Groans and Grins: Collecting Punny Postcards

  Many postcard collectors have serious collections. They’re interested in preserving home town history, amassing and cataloguing every postcard printed by a particular publisher or […]

  • Mar 13 2011
  • 13 Mar 2011

Postcards Chronicle Fascinating History of the House of David

House of David postcards have always been highly collectible. Most of its subjects are “multiples” (fitting into more than one postcard topic), and eras range […]

  • Sep 20 2010
  • 20 Sep 2010

Reproduction Postcards: How to Spot the Copies from the Real McCoy

Postcards, like many other antiques, can be reproduced, and some repros are very hard to spot. Since one of the primary factors in a postcard’s […]

  • Jun 15 2010
  • 15 Jun 2010

How Old Is That Postcard? Tips on Gauging When Postcards Were Produced

Postcard collectors have a few tricks up their sleeves when it comes to quickly approximating, with just a quick glance, when cards were produced. With […]

  • Jun 1 2010
  • 1 Jun 2010

Three Keys to Judging the Value of Antique and Vintage Postcards

Just last week I received a phone call from my friend Janet, who told me that her Great-Aunt Molly just gave her “a bunch of […]

  • Oct 8 2009
  • 8 Oct 2009

Know Your America: Geography through Souvenir Pottery, Plates and the Rest

From lovely plates and delicate pitchers to decorative trinket boxes and figural animals, souvenir pottery was proudly displayed in American homes for decades. Today, many […]

  • Jun 2 2009
  • 2 Jun 2009

Dating Your Vintage Photographs (1840 – 1900) Part 1: Image Formats

Many people inherit photographs of generations of ancestors and struggle with frustrations of identifying exactly who is in each photo. Understanding the time periods for […]

  • Feb 12 2009
  • 12 Feb 2009

Valentine’s Warm and Fuzzy Story

The obligatory giving of flowers, candy and cards often makes Valentine’s Day—supposedly a holiday for celebrating true love—seem like just another example of consumerism gone […]

  • Dec 16 2008
  • 16 Dec 2008

’Tis the season

Ahh, the wonderful holiday season. Good cheer. Good parties. Mistletoe. Eggnog. Also the time to reach out and say hi to friends and family. This […]