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  • Aug 15 2011
  • 15 Aug 2011

Dining with Antiques – White House China

In the United States, official state dinners are formal events hosted by the President in honor of visiting heads of foreign governments. Ceremonial in nature, […]

  • Aug 2 2011
  • 2 Aug 2011

Dining with Antiques – Dinner with Salvador Dali

“At the age of 6 I wanted to be a cook,” wrote Spanish surrealist Salvador Dali in his 1942 autobiography. “At 7 I wanted to […]

  • Jul 18 2011
  • 18 Jul 2011

Dining with Antiques – Ancient Roman Pottery

In the previous installments of “Dining with Antiques,” we have so far covered a variety of vintage recipes and collectible dinnerware dating from the 1800s […]

  • Jul 5 2011
  • 5 Jul 2011

Ask A Worthologist Question: Weller Pottery Umbrella Stand

Veronica J. spotted this “large vase” in an antique shop whose proprietor was retiring and clearing his stock. The vase was tagged as “Weller,” but […]

  • Jun 27 2011
  • 27 Jun 2011

Unloved Antiques: Hummel Knockoffs

The seventh item in this series of “Unloved Antiques” are Hummel knockoffs, like the three above. These post-World War Two Japanese creations were based on […]

  • May 23 2011
  • 23 May 2011

English Antique Tableware a Popular, Practical Collectible

In the mid-18th century, potters of England’s Staffordshire district began experimenting with new clays, forms, glazes and decorative techniques in creating tableware. This explosion of […]

  • May 11 2011
  • 11 May 2011

Unloved Antiques: Commemorative Whiskey Decanters

The fourth item in this series of “Unloved Antiques”  (previous editions focused on Collector Plates, antique Singer Sewing Machines and vintage Decorator Prints) and is […]

  • Apr 18 2011
  • 18 Apr 2011

Ask A Worthologist Question: Rosenthal Porcelain Horse

Sandra B. bought this porcelain figure at an auction two years ago, but because as she was moving, it was packed away soon after she […]

  • Apr 4 2011
  • 4 Apr 2011

Unloved Antiques & Collectibles: ‘Limited Edition’ Collectors Plates

In the antique & collectibles trade, I often come across a number of items that are generally not in demand, are not rare or have […]

  • Feb 21 2011
  • 21 Feb 2011

Ask A Worthologist Question: Staffordshire Pearl Figural Group

Jessie H. got into a bidding war 10 years ago for a ceramic figurine at an auction. While he ended up paying more than he […]