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  • Nov 4 2008
  • 4 Nov 2008

Automobile China by Royal Doulton

Automobile China by Royal Doulton

By David Bausch

Nothing speaks of the Edwardian era more clearly then the series of china produced by Royal Doulton of England. This china was designed by John Holdcroft, and was known as the Motorist Series. This series was produced in its factory in Burslem England from the years 1903-1913.

  • Oct 14 2008
  • 14 Oct 2008

Valuable Majolica earthenware hiding in plain sight

Valuable Majolica earthenware hiding in plain sight

By Sherri Hall-Wilcox

  • Oct 10 2008
  • 10 Oct 2008

Chinese Export Porcelain’s fascinating journey from early china

Chinese Export Porcelain’s Fascinating Journey from early china

By Lisa Marion of Marks4Antiques

  • Oct 1 2008
  • 1 Oct 2008

Dating Faience Pottery

Faience pottery, also known as Fayence in France, is often used as a synonym to Majolica because of their similar appearance and use of tin glaze. Yet, most collectors distinguish Faience pottery by their characteristic polychrome (multi-colored) designs and mostly white background, whereas Majolica tends to have decoration all over along with pronounced raised decorative details (relief).

  • May 23 2008
  • 23 May 2008

Grueby Faience Vase a Multi-Thousand Dollar Piece of Art Pottery on eBay With No Reserve!

  • May 22 2008
  • 22 May 2008

The Wedgwood Portland Vase History And Meaning

The Wedgwood Portland vase has become a hallmark of the Wedgwood company and its roots trace back to the begining of time.

  • May 6 2008
  • 6 May 2008

Walrath Art Pottery and the Pottery Market

This past weekend, I saw Rosville and Weller pottery well overpriced at an estate sale and wondered how anyone could turn a profit if they purchased these pieces at those prices. This is not the first sale I’ve seen this. In fact, this seems to be the norm today, and the reason why so many dealers are having a hard time selling their inventory.

  • May 4 2008
  • 4 May 2008

Kentucky Derby Dishes – Mary Alice Hadley

For hundreds of collectors, the Kentucky Derby means entertaining with treasured pieces of M.A. Hadley pottery.

  • Apr 28 2008
  • 28 Apr 2008

Antiquing Adventures: McCoy Pottery Teaches the Value of Showing Up

Vintage McCoy Pottery Vase with Leaves recently sold on eBay for $43.99. There were 7 bids.
It does my heart good when I see something I have taught come true with my own eyes. In this case, finding treasure where other people dare not to trod makes a great subject for today’s blog.

  • Apr 11 2008
  • 11 Apr 2008

Arita Pottery

Hi, I’m Elise and I now live in Amsterdam. When I was in my twenties I lived in Japan for seven years. I wasn’t a geisha or anything like that. I led a rock and roll life as a music journalist and impresario.