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  • Jul 1 2008
  • 1 Jul 2008

Thorny Errors on Arizona State Quarter. Check your Arizona quarters for collectible errors.

Easily visible die chips were found on recently released Arizona state quarters. Error coin specialists consider die chips a minor form of die stage; however, they are still collectible but rarely have significant value. The most significant error so far is a curved metal protrusion extending onto the 2008 date on the coin’s reverse.

  • Jun 17 2008
  • 17 Jun 2008

Rare World Coins Coming into their Own

A gold aureus of Severus Alexander showing the colosseum realized $800,000 in the Mellennia sale auctioned by Ira and Larry Goldberg May 26. The auction realized $23,024,765.00. The firm said this might be the highest single-day world coin auction total ever.

A gold aureus of Brutus realized $575,000.00. The coin was graded Choice AU by NGC.

  • Jun 17 2008
  • 17 Jun 2008

Quality Coins Bring Record Prices at Goldberg and Heritage Auctions

High-grade gold from the Ohringer Family Trust collection and other consignments brought an 11 million dollar windfall at the Ira and Larry Goldberg May auction. The 1930-S gold $20 alone in MS-64 PQ was bid to $130,000 in the Goldberg sale.

A specimen 1891 quarter sold for $161,000 in the Heritage Long Beach sale. The 1794 silver dollar sold also for $161,000 at this same auction.

  • Jun 11 2008
  • 11 Jun 2008

At the 2008 Whitman Coin and Currency Convention

Gold and silver, platinum and kids. The 36th Annual Coin and Currency Convention in Baltimore, Maryland last weekend had quite a lot of all that, plus so much more. This is where you can both be a long time collector and still enjoy learning like a kid. That’s what I found out when I followed the kids to see Patti Jagger Finner at the Kid’s Korner.

  • Jun 11 2008
  • 11 Jun 2008

Baltimore Coin Show: Bits And Bytes

Baltimore Show: Bits & Bytes

Show Sales Top $6.2

  • Jun 5 2008
  • 5 Jun 2008

Imitation British Halfpence (Machin’s Mills and Other Coinage of 1786-1789

The most common coin used for small transactions in early America was the copper British halfpenny. These were widely accepted non-legal tender status and were a prime choice for unauthorized reproduction by private individuals. Many counterfeits were made in this country by casting or other crude methods; some were even made in England and imported to this country.

  • May 19 2008
  • 19 May 2008

Will we Soon See Steel Cents Again? Also Steel Nickels?

Legislation in Washington DC has been passed, approving the reduction of expense of minting pennies and nickels. Steel has ultimately been the metal chosen to mint these two denominations of coinage within the next two years. In fiscal year 2007 it cost nearly 2 cents to make one cent and 10 cents to make a nickel. This needlessly cost taxpayers $100 million last year alone.

  • May 19 2008
  • 19 May 2008

Tokens of Love And Other Incripted Messages on Antique Coinage

When the word “Love Token” pops into our head we usually think of a locket or something special that two individuals share as a represntation of each other’s love but ask a coin collector and you will here something different.

  • Apr 23 2008
  • 23 Apr 2008

Time to Sell Ungraded Silver Coin

This week, when I took my son, Joshua, to a coin store to look around, I couldn’t believe my eyes. There must have been six or eight employees working behind the counter plus twenty-five or thirty customers. I asked to speak to the manager. I really wanted to know what all these people were doing here. He told me they were all either buying for their collection or selling their silver or gold.

  • Apr 21 2008
  • 21 Apr 2008


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