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  • Apr 19 2013
  • 19 Apr 2013

If John Beat George: What Early American Coins May Have Looked Like

By Gerald Tebben In an alternate universe, our first president, John Adams, placed his own portrait on coins in 1792. President William Jennings Bryan ushered […]

  • Apr 14 2013
  • 14 Apr 2013

Furor Over a Florin: Great Britain’s ‘Godless’ Coin

By Gerald Tebben As cholera swept England in 1849, attention fell on the country’s new coin. A godless coin. A coin that failed to give […]

  • Apr 13 2013
  • 13 Apr 2013

Use A Coin, Go to Jail: The Monneron Medal of Confidence

By Gerald Tebben Trade tokens tend to be simple affairs that make do for money in times of economic stress. During the French Revolution, though, […]

  • Apr 11 2013
  • 11 Apr 2013

The Best Investment: What’s In Your Wallet?

As an appraiser, I often have to answer questions regarding antiques and collectibles as an investment, often being the bearer of bad news to clients […]

  • Apr 11 2013
  • 11 Apr 2013

A Tale of Two Noses: Nixon Inaugural Medals

By Gerald Tebben Richard M. Nixon, the only president to resign from office, in disgrace, was many things to many people in the 1960s and […]

  • Apr 3 2013
  • 3 Apr 2013

Revolutionary Honors: Medals Mark Struggle for American Independence

By Gerald Tebben The largely unremembered war began with the George Washington’s surrender and ended essentially with the accession of George III to the British […]

  • Apr 1 2013
  • 1 Apr 2013

Silver Revolutionary Souvenir ‘Peso’ Struck to Back Cuban Liberation

By Gerald Tebben Can you name a silver piece minted in Philadelphia in 1897 that has the designer’s initial “M” on the reverse and not […]

  • Apr 1 2013
  • 1 Apr 2013

A Link to History: Connect with Saints through Ancient Coins

By Gerald Tebben Saints lived common lives, too. They toiled at their vocations. They ate and slept and engaged in the domestic commerce of their […]

  • Mar 28 2013
  • 28 Mar 2013

No Respect: What Good was a 3-Cent Piece?

By Gerald Tebben The 3-cent piece. What was it good for? Cheap cigars, postage stamps and deception. Minted in two significantly different versions from 1851 […]

  • Mar 28 2013
  • 28 Mar 2013

Special Tokens Issued to Serve as Currency in Culion Leper Colony

By Gerald Tebben The first 370 settlers, many horribly disfigured, arrived about 4 p.m., May 27, 1906. Six concrete houses and 85 wooden ones awaited […]