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  • Mar 20 2009
  • 20 Mar 2009

Lakeside Merry-Go-Round Features Folk-Art Carvings

Adjacent to Lake Rhode in Lakeside, Colo., gleams the Tower of Jewels, a 150-foot-tall wooden tower built in 1907 originally fitted with 5,000 lights. It […]

  • Mar 17 2009
  • 17 Mar 2009

Carousel Goes Around and Around for 80 Years

It was one of the most popular rides at the original Elitch Gardens in Denver, Colo. It goes up and down and round and round, […]

  • Feb 20 2009
  • 20 Feb 2009

The Ten Most Valuable Oscar Best Picture Posters

Winning an Oscar may or may not catapult stars or director to greater things, but it most certainly tends to increase the value of movie […]

  • Jan 30 2009
  • 30 Jan 2009

Finding an Example from Great-Granddad’s Phonograph Company

By Tom Carrier WorthPoint Worthologist EDITOR’S NOTE: Brimfield, Mass., is a small New England town with a population of about 5,000 or so. Settled in […]

  • Jan 30 2009
  • 30 Jan 2009

Out-of-This-World Poster Artist Bob McCall

By Allan Maurer WorthPoint Worthologist Science fiction superstar Isaac Asimov once called Bob McCall “the nearest thing we have to an artist-in-residence in outer space.” […]

  • Jan 22 2009
  • 22 Jan 2009

‘Mothballs’: The World of Antique and Collectibles on the Silver Screen

Talk about life imitating art, or art imitating work, Dan Borsey was able to talk with film director and screenwriter Chris McCallion about his newest […]

  • Jan 22 2009
  • 22 Jan 2009

Kit Carson County’s Historic Carousel

Kit Carson County residents thought it to be quite the mistake. Buying a carousel? The very idea. But, the county commissioners thought otherwise and in […]

  • Jan 19 2009
  • 19 Jan 2009

Sell Abroad or Stay Home?

Are foreign markets better for selling antiques than American markets? Collecting has gone global, thanks to the Internet. As a result, antiques and collectibles divide […]

  • Dec 26 2008
  • 26 Dec 2008

Tossing a Retro New Year’s Eve Bash

Babylonians started cheering the New Year’s arrival more than 4,000 years—and no, Dick Clark wasn’t the host. The party tradition spread to Ancient Rome and […]

  • Dec 4 2008
  • 4 Dec 2008

Circus Museums and Collections

The circus is alive and well today, and the rich heritage of the past can be found in many museums and collections across the country. […]