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  • Nov 30 2008
  • 30 Nov 2008

Iroquois Purses

Iroquois Purses

By Dolores Elliott

  • Nov 25 2008
  • 25 Nov 2008

Large Iroquois Pincushion

Large Iroquois Pincushion

By Dolores Elliott

One of the most common forms of Iroquois pincushions is the large rectangular pincushion that often features a beaded bird on a field of purple velvet. A frame of beaded leaves surrounds the purple center. I estimate that at least 8,000 of these pincushions were made between 1870 and 1910.

  • Oct 28 2008
  • 28 Oct 2008

An Archaeologist Who Digs Beads

Editor’s Note: Dolores Elliott’s background may be in archaeology, but her lifelong love is Iroquois-beadwork antiques and collectibles.

  • Oct 2 2008
  • 2 Oct 2008

Windmill Weights as Folk Art

After I posted yesterday’s blog about the Whirligigs sought after by collectors, I guess my mind started going back to the days I spent growing […]

  • Sep 24 2008
  • 24 Sep 2008

It’s a What? A Whirligig?

If I told you a whirligig could bring in some big money, would you know what a whirligig is and how to spot one?

 I always teach members of my antique business club that the money in this business is made in the rare. The rare and desirable will keep your money turning, and a whirligig falls into this category.

  • Sep 6 2008
  • 6 Sep 2008

The Magic of Iroquois Beadwork

In 1903, my grandmother went to the Afton Fair, a small agricultural fair in central New York State. Because her daughter, my aunt, was sick and couldn’t go to the fair, my grandmother brought a present for her from the fair. It was a pink satin beaded bird-shaped pincushion with the year 1903 beaded under the tail. (Figure 1.)

  • May 2 2008
  • 2 May 2008

Tribal Art Combines Beauty and Ritual

Out of Africa’s central forests have come beautiful examples of tribal art. These collectible works are important in their own right, but also have influenced the works of major 19th and 20th century Western artists, including Picasso, Modigliani, Braque, Klee, Vlaminck and Derain.african

  • May 1 2008
  • 1 May 2008


Pottery from Mesa Verde…Utilitarian..Pueblo II time period…dated 950-1050 A.D.

  • Mar 19 2008
  • 19 Mar 2008

Indian Artifacts

American Indian items are bringing unbelievable prices these days, and most dealers are completely unaware of the breadth of this market.

  • Mar 17 2007
  • 17 Mar 2007

The Old West Romance Lives On

The demand for Native American artwork and artifacts continues to rise. Wes Cowan provides advice for those looking to collect these reminders of America’s original […]