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  • May 2 2013
  • 2 May 2013

The Kentucky Derby: The Race for the Roses is a Collectibles Treasure Trove

The 2015 running of the Kentucky Derby will mark the 141st race in the event’s history. Annually held in Louisville, Ky., the race is the […]

  • Apr 16 2013
  • 16 Apr 2013

Q & A with Harry Rinker: ‘Hit of the Week’ Records, Kichiemon Okamura Block Prints

QUESTION: I own approximately three dozen “HIT OF THE WEEK” records. The label reads: “Durium Products Corporation – New York / Durium T.M. Reg. – […]

  • Mar 28 2013
  • 28 Mar 2013

Q & A with Harry Rinker: Curtis-Lee Mansion Lithograph, Nabisco Pro Face Cards

QUESTION: I own a lithograph print of the Curtis-Lee Mansion, also known as Arlington House, located in the Arlington National Cemetery, Arlington, Va. John Ross […]

  • Mar 26 2013
  • 26 Mar 2013

It’s All In the Marks: Currier and Ives Prints

To well-seasoned or novice collectors, determining a maker or origin of a piece can be very confusing if it is outside their normal area of […]

  • Mar 19 2013
  • 19 Mar 2013

Q & A with Harry Rinker: Zon-O-Phone Phonograph, Peter Ompir Toleware Tray

QUESTION: Our family owns a Zon-O-Phone phonograph that is good condition. There are several discs stored in the cabinet. We enjoy it as an interesting […]

  • Sep 12 2011
  • 12 Sep 2011

Unloved Antiques: 19th-Century Religious Prints

The tenth item in this series of “Unloved Antiques” is late 19th- to early 20th-century religious prints, such as those depicting Patron Saints, Guardian Angels […]

  • Apr 25 2011
  • 25 Apr 2011

Unloved Antiques: Mass-Produced Decorator Prints

The third item in this series of “Unloved Antiques” (read the first two installments here and here) is the Decorator Print, like this one titled […]

  • Mar 23 2011
  • 23 Mar 2011

The Collector’s Minute: Equestrian Prints

One item we see more of than just about anything else in the appraisal & antique business are late 19th- to early 20th-century “equestrian prints,” […]

  • Aug 16 2010
  • 16 Aug 2010

Ask A Worthologist Question: Charles M. Capps Etching/Aquatint

  Ben T., being the thoughtful and helpful nephew, has been helping his aunt go through all the stuff that has accumulated in her garage […]

  • Jul 19 2010
  • 19 Jul 2010

Ask A Worthologist Question: Early Golf Reprint

  Jessie D. found an old print hidden behind a framed mirror. Not wanting to toss out something that might be valuable, Jessie turned to […]