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  • Jan 22 2013
  • 22 Jan 2013

Damien Hirst’s Natural History Series: Will it Pass the Test of Time?

After a recent WorthPoint article about collecting deteriorating pieces of royal wedding cakes, including a 172-year-old morsel from Queen Victoria’s ceremony, I wondered about other […]

  • Oct 4 2011
  • 4 Oct 2011

Ask A Worthologist Question: Art Deco ‘Fayral’ Figurine

Anne P. has an interesting figurine that she bought at a silent auction fundraiser last month. She bid on it because it was the only […]

  • Sep 6 2011
  • 6 Sep 2011

Ask A Worthologist Question: After J. Willis Good Bronze Figure

Melanie R. inherited this bronze figurine some years ago from her aunt, who collected horse racing memorabilia for years. Melanie has no idea where it […]

  • Mar 21 2011
  • 21 Mar 2011

Ask A Worthologist Question: Bronzi Oni Statue

Sam L. bought this bronze figure at an antique store about five years ago. He found it so ugly he almost felt sorry for it […]

  • Jun 15 2010
  • 15 Jun 2010

Ask A Worthologist Question: ‘Piegan Squaw’ Bust

  Harris J. had what he believed to be a sculpture by a named American artist—if he was to believe a friend—but didn’t know how […]

  • Nov 30 2008
  • 30 Nov 2008


  • Nov 30 2008
  • 30 Nov 2008

‘Red Flag Law’ Figurine

‘Red Flag Law’ Figurine

By Dave Bausch

Automobilia art objects take several forms, some are made just for pleasure to the eye, but others were made to tell a story or help record a historic event. This art item was made to tell a story about “Red Flag Law.”

  • Sep 9 2008
  • 9 Sep 2008

Prosper d’Épinay (French, 1836-1914)

Prosper d’Épinay (French, 1836-1914) was born to aristocratic parents who emigrated from France to

  • Sep 4 2008
  • 4 Sep 2008

Spelter, The Great Pretender

Spelter figurines and busts of this type were produced in great numbers during the late 19th Century, most were based on Greek and Roman Classical works or originals of famous 19th Century sculptors. The spelter examples were made as an inexpensive option to the expensive bronze examples produced by noted artists such as Frederic Remington, Auguste Rodin, P.J. Mene and A.L.

  • Aug 7 2008
  • 7 Aug 2008

Antique Chinese Carved Ivory Rich In Detail As Well As Life Lessons

Shown here today, is a fine example of Chinese carved ivory from China’s golden age of exporting, circa 1850.This piece is very detailed showing different patterns on the three individuals’ robes.The detail is complete,down to the heels of their feet to the fine lines on the elder man’s face.