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  • Mar 14 2011
  • 14 Mar 2011

Who Really Made It? Outsourcing in the American Furniture Industry

One if the most frequently asked questions about a piece of older and antique furniture is, “who made it?” That seems to be a reasonable […]

  • Mar 8 2011
  • 8 Mar 2011

Using the ‘Old Stuff’ – Enjoy Your Treasures

Two of the more common comments I hear about antiques, especially with regard to furniture, are along the lines of “I don’t want to do […]

  • Feb 14 2011
  • 14 Feb 2011

Furniture Devolved: Pieces that have Out-Lived their Usefulness

A little more than five years ago I wrote about certain types of furniture forms that had evolved in response to social needs rather than […]

  • Feb 7 2011
  • 7 Feb 2011

Revival Time – 19th-Century Furniture Styles

It is tempting to think of the 19th century as the “Victorian” century, as it is true that Queen Victoria sat on the throne of […]

  • Jan 25 2011
  • 25 Jan 2011

Building a Reference Library – The Specifics

Previous editions of this column (view Part One: The Basics and Part Two: The Period) have dealt with building the collection for an antique furniture […]

  • Jan 19 2011
  • 19 Jan 2011

Building a Reference Library – The Period

The previous installment of this column dealt with building the foundation of a furniture resource library based on accumulating a few selected books on the […]

  • Jan 10 2011
  • 10 Jan 2011

Building a Reference Library – The Foundation

Doing research on older and antique furniture has gotten a lot easier in some respects over the last few years. The Internet now offers a […]

  • Dec 20 2010
  • 20 Dec 2010

Odds ’N’ Ends: Why Do They Call It That?

In the everyday conduct of our affairs in the older and antique furniture trade, we often come across terms and references that we accept as […]

  • Dec 7 2010
  • 7 Dec 2010

Panic Attack: Holiday Quick Fixes for Furniture

As the holidays roll around on a regular basis this time of the year, they are often accompanied by panic attacks, as the realization sets […]

  • Nov 16 2010
  • 16 Nov 2010

Top Security: Custom Table Pads

While modern taste in dining room tables, like modern taste in so many subjects today, varies considerably from household to household, the traditional format calls […]