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  • Jan 15 2013
  • 15 Jan 2013

Unloved Antiques: Great-Great-Grandma’s Spinning Wheels

The next item in this series of Unloved Antiques is something that once was almost a requirement in any antique shop: the spinning wheel. During […]

  • Dec 20 2011
  • 20 Dec 2011

The Stranger Below: Silent Chairs and How to Get Them to Open Up

Some pieces of furniture are like an open book. A casual familiarity with the trade allows you to readily identify the period of a piece […]

  • Dec 12 2011
  • 12 Dec 2011

That’s My Story – Shaky Family Histories no Guarantee of Provenance

The life story of an antique—where it’s been, who owned it and how it came to be where it is—is known as the “provenance” of […]

  • Nov 14 2011
  • 14 Nov 2011

Passing the Smell Test – Telling Good Advice from the Bad

Need some advice about furniture? Want to know how to repair that chair or fix that ugly spot on the table top? Have a question […]

  • Oct 31 2011
  • 31 Oct 2011

The Retrophile Files: Junktiquing in New York City at Furnish Green

When self-confessed “estate sale” junkie and professional dance instructor Nathan Hescock decided to furnish his dance studio in New York City with vintage finds, his […]

  • Oct 31 2011
  • 31 Oct 2011

Good Reproductions: Baker Furniture Solves the Colonial Revival Riddle

After the American Revolution ended in 1783, the fledgling country struggled to establish its new identity in a number of areas, including furniture style and […]

  • Oct 17 2011
  • 17 Oct 2011

Murphy’s Law: Not All That Folds is a Murphy

Furniture can be quite cumbersome, especially in small quarters. Or even in big ones. In medieval times, the great room of an estate was a […]

  • Sep 19 2011
  • 19 Sep 2011

Ask A Worthologist Question: ‘Bronze’ Cherub Lamps

Jeremy T. has a pair of “bronze” lamps that he picked up at a garage sale last year, but never did anything with them. They’ve […]

  • Sep 6 2011
  • 6 Sep 2011

Organic Threats Present Dangers to Your Furniture

There are lots of things in the world that are good for your older and antique furniture—controlled temperature and humidity, regular cleaning, careful use and […]

  • Aug 22 2011
  • 22 Aug 2011

Furniture Made to Fit the Social Function

I have mentioned many times that one definition of furniture is “functional art.” Furniture is almost an absolute requirement in today’s society. We must have […]