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  • Mar 23 2010
  • 23 Mar 2010

Vanity, Thy Name Is . . .

In Colonial America, having a decent place to get dressed was a serious problem. Decent mirrors, or even the decent plate glass for making them, […]

  • Oct 26 2009
  • 26 Oct 2009

Wood Shrinkage in Antique Furniture is to be Expected

The next time you visit a genuine antique furniture shop, pay particular attention to the concept of wood shrinkage. When a tree is felled it […]

  • Sep 15 2009
  • 15 Sep 2009

George Hunzinger’s 19th-Century ‘Patent Furniture’ is Easy to Identify

This rocking chair is an example made by the factory of Hunzinger was born in Germany in 1835 to a family that had been cabinetmakers since […]

  • Sep 8 2009
  • 8 Sep 2009

The Thrill of the Hunt: Netting a Rare Butterfly Table

A few years ago, Steve Fletcher—the lead auctioneer of Skinner Auction Gallery in Boston—had just accepted a glass of water and stepped down from the […]

  • Aug 26 2009
  • 26 Aug 2009

Unique Locomotive Iron Draws Unexpectedly Rich Bid at Auction

When WorthPoint member Marilyn Detwiler decided to use WorthPoint’s Ask a Worthologist service to value and then help her sell a locomotive-shaped iron, she hoped […]

  • Aug 18 2009
  • 18 Aug 2009

New Haven Clock Company a Most Prolific Operation

The New Haven Clock Company was one of the most prolific of the early American New England clock companies. Some indication of the range and […]

  • Aug 13 2009
  • 13 Aug 2009

20th Century Casters – More Rust than Roll

One of the mysteries of the universe to me is “Why do so many 20th century pieces of furniture have wheels or casters on them?” […]

  • Jul 8 2009
  • 8 Jul 2009

Antique Furniture Tags: What They Say and What They Should Say

One of my favorite pastimes of course is antiquing; looking at and for antique furniture. One of my second favorites is reading the tags people […]

  • Jul 1 2009
  • 1 Jul 2009

Collectors Shine a Light on Early Lanterns Varieties

When we see lanterns used as decorative objects, it’s hard to imagine that they were once among the only sources for lighting. As such, they […]

  • Jun 11 2009
  • 11 Jun 2009

Sometimes the Difference Between a Copy and an Original Isn’t Much

We are often asked about “Mission Style” furniture, people see a piece of Mission furniture by well known makers such as Stickley, Limbert or Roycroft […]