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  • Sep 4 2008
  • 4 Sep 2008


Rolex is a name synomonous with wealth and extravagance, simply stated. Although this may be true, there is a lot more to the picture. The company and its founder Hans Wildorf have actually made some very important contributions to Horology. Msr. Wilsdorf devoted his life to Horology and his company, creating a vision.

  • Jul 13 2008
  • 13 Jul 2008

Vintage Collector Watches: Small And Profitable

You have a clock on your computer, by your bedside, and even in your car, but the one on your wrist is the one that can bring a smile to your face. Wrist watches as time pieces have kept us on time for many decades and lately, their value has gone through the roof. And while you might be familiar with names like Rolex and Cartier, have you heard of Patek Phillipe?

  • Jun 5 2008
  • 5 Jun 2008

Antique/Vintage Watches and Time Pieces

We can tell when shadows on the ground grow longer that time changes, but the easiest way is to look at our watches. And if you’ve got a watch or time piece passed down in your family, you might even discover you’ve got a valuable piece a collector might have interest in.

  • Apr 19 2008
  • 19 Apr 2008

waltham watch company

american waltham watch open face gold pocket watch

  • Feb 27 2008
  • 27 Feb 2008

Elgin watch question

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