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  • Jan 28 2014
  • 28 Jan 2014

The Longest Tea Party the World’s Ever Seen! Part 2

中國出口銀器: 有史以來最長的茶具 之二 We continue the story of the inextricable link between the China Tea Trade and Chinese Export Silver—which began last week with this […]

  • Jan 21 2014
  • 21 Jan 2014

The Longest Tea Party the World’s Ever Seen! Part 1

中國出口銀器: 有史以來最長的茶具 之一 My research has long made me aware of the inextricable links between The China Trade period and Chinese Export Silver; without the […]

  • Jan 13 2014
  • 13 Jan 2014

Chinese Export Silver: The Cultural Crossovers of Incense

中國出口銀器: 中外文化結合的香! The relationship and benefits between humans and incense may be likened to butterflies to flowers and trees to the sun. This, in itself, […]

  • Jan 7 2014
  • 7 Jan 2014

Antiques Auction Forum Podcast: Jeffrey Herman on Silver and Silver Care

On the first Antiques Auction Forum podcast of 2014, Martin Willis speaks with Jeffrey Herman, who is passionate about silver and discusses how to care […]

  • Jan 1 2014
  • 1 Jan 2014

Chinese Export Silver: Culture Shock!

文化震撼 I have chosen to start 2014 with a rant! Please humor me while I do… For two years now, I have been striving to […]

  • Dec 12 2013
  • 12 Dec 2013

Standing on Ceremony: Huabiao Pillars reworked as Amazing Silver Columns

中國出口銀器: 講究禮儀 Chinese culture is so enriched with allegorical imagery that one could almost say it is its very foundation. As with any world culture, […]

  • Dec 9 2013
  • 9 Dec 2013

Silversmith Wang Hing didn’t have Breakfast at Tiffany’s!

宏興沒去過蒂芬尼吃早餐! For almost 30 years there has been a widely held view that the most prolific of the Chinese Export Silver makers, Wang Hing, was […]

  • Dec 3 2013
  • 3 Dec 2013

The Clever Box: Small Containers offer Chinese Silversmiths Room to Astonish

中國出口銀器: 不凡的盒子! For Chinese artisans, boxes have always been more than mere utilitarian objects. Through the centuries, special decorative techniques were developed in order to […]

  • Nov 22 2013
  • 22 Nov 2013

Savoir Faire and ‘L’art De La Table’ – So Typically Chinese!

餐桌上的專業與藝術 – 典型的中國風格 A well-set dining table may be likened to a stage set; it can speak volumes about an occasion, the person who set […]

  • Nov 15 2013
  • 15 Nov 2013

Chinese Export Silver Items Strike Gold at Heritage Auctions Sale

At the back end of August this year, the Dallas-based auction house Heritage Auctions had consulted with me regarding some items of Chinese Export Silver […]