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  • Feb 28 2013
  • 28 Feb 2013

Collecting U.S. Naval Uniforms from the Second World War

When I was younger, we used to have this debate: If you were in combat in the Second World War, which branch of service would […]

  • Apr 11 2008
  • 11 Apr 2008

Help, What are these?

I came into possession of two pins or badges that I inherited from a relative’s estate. They were acquired in England sometime during World War Two. Any information that anyone may have concerning these would be appreciated.

  • Jan 25 2008
  • 25 Jan 2008

Military General Staff Collar Insignia

The U.S. military, like any military around the world, identifies its military specialties by uniquely designed patches, ribbons, badges, pins and other items.

Below are the general staff and higher rank collar insignia as described by the U.S. Army Institute of Heraldry:

  • Jan 13 2008
  • 13 Jan 2008

The Presidential Service Badge

  • Jan 11 2008
  • 11 Jan 2008

U.S. Army One

It began with an urgent phone call on September 7, 1957. President Eisenhower was required at the White House for some urgent affairs of state.

  • Jan 6 2008
  • 6 Jan 2008

Service Badges of the US Military

Military collectibles are not a specialty of mine, except as they relate to the White House, office of the president or vice president. In the case of military service badges there is some overlap as they relate to White House service, but there is also a larger community developing for the high level service badges awarded to military and civilian defense officials.

  • Dec 22 2007
  • 22 Dec 2007

Distinctive Patches of the Office of President of the United States

There are many support agencies dedicated to the office of president of the United States.

  • Nov 29 2007
  • 29 Nov 2007

Hearing the Veteran’s Story

I just read an article stating there are only three living WWI vets left. It seems like they all faded away without receiving the recognition they deserved. I’ve only met one WWI vet in my life. He was my great uncle Benny. Benny served with the 88th Division and told me that he survived the war but nearly died on the troop ship coming home because of a serious flu outbreak.

  • Jul 26 2007
  • 26 Jul 2007

401st GIR (Glider Infantry Regiment), 101st Airborne Uniform Group

This uniform grouping was worn by PFC James J. Kriha, Service Company 401st GIF, 101st Airborne. Kriha was a post D-Day replacement and fought in Holland (Operation Market Garden), where he was seriously wounded and spent the next year and a half in hospitals recovering.