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  • Aug 16 2008
  • 16 Aug 2008

DHL All-Star FanFest – Contest

At the DHL All-Star FanFest, Reporter Dan Borsey and Cameraman Matt Kohn capture a little slice of American life at the finals of the “Take Me Out to the Ballgame” video/song contest. The big prize? The winner gets to sing “Take Me Out to the Ballgame” in the seventh inning of the 2008 MLB All-Star Game at Yankee Stadium!

  • Aug 6 2008
  • 6 Aug 2008

Peacock Elvis, stolen paintings found, Honus Wagner collectibles

Are you collectibles crazy? A celebrity fan? Do you have a hunka-hunka burning desire to own Elvis’ peacock jumpsuit? (Yes, you read that right, PEACOCK.)

  • Aug 5 2008
  • 5 Aug 2008

Antique Baseball Gloves—How the Game Used to Be

Baseball fans are like historians in many ways. They pride themselves on being able to quote arcane stats, facts and stories. One aspect of sports collectibles that is important to many historians of the game is baseball-glove collecting. Collectors are fascinated by antique gloves that tell stories of the development of this incredible sport

  • Jul 29 2008
  • 29 Jul 2008

Stolen Shakespeare, George W. dum gum, Sgt. Pepper and baseball collectibles

Catching a possible Shakespeare thief, honoring a legacy of political collectibles, a record for Beatles memorabilia and the end of a Yankees era make recent antiques and collectibles news, while a work by a female painter fetches record prices in the contemporary-art market.

Finding Shakespeare

  • Jul 29 2008
  • 29 Jul 2008

Sports E-Cards—Collectibles of the 21st Century?

It’s no secret the Internet has changed the face of how consumers shop for items. Music, movies and books are just a few of the things you can buy online to download directly to your computer. The sports collectibles world hasn’t been unaffected by today’s digital society.

  • Jul 24 2008
  • 24 Jul 2008

Yankee Stadium collectibles baseball card set a must, must-have

Baseball’s most legendary stage, Yankee Stadium, will be shutting its doors for the final time at the end of the 2008 season.

  • Jul 22 2008
  • 22 Jul 2008

DHL All-Star FanFest – Something for Everyone

This year the DHL All-Star FanFest has something for everyone. Dan Borsey heads to the Yogi Berra museum exhibit and also finds some great collectibles at this year’s FanFest.

More of Dan the Man in the WorthPoint Van’s videos from the DHL FanFest:

  • Jul 22 2008
  • 22 Jul 2008

Baseball Collectibles, Media Hype? Bring It On for Higher Prices

The baseball-card market can be difficult to predict sometimes, as I pointed out in my investment strategies .

  • Jul 20 2008
  • 20 Jul 2008

Baseball Card Collecting as an Investment

  • Jul 20 2008
  • 20 Jul 2008

Honus Wagner Reached Baseball’s Peak, His Collectibles Card Soars Even Higher

I don’t know how I have maintained a baseball-card blog for the last few months without talking about what is largely considered to be the Holy Grail of antique-card collecting—the T206 Honus Wagner card. It is one of the rarest baseball cards in history, and it depicts one of the greatest players of the dead-ball era.