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  • Aug 8 2011
  • 8 Aug 2011

The Story of the ‘Inverted Jenny’ 24¢ Air Mail Error Stamp

During the first decade of the 20th century, the United State Postal Service conducted numerous experimental trials on ways to effectively carry the mail, including […]

  • Jul 18 2011
  • 18 Jul 2011

Stamps in the Attic: Searching out those Hidden Gems

I first became interested in stamps at the age of 9. Like many, I had a childhood stamp collection and as I grew older, my […]

  • Jan 22 2009
  • 22 Jan 2009

Have an Ox-citing New Year

By Mark Jaffe While the economy may be dominated by talk of bulls and bears, when it comes to the Chinese New Year, which begins […]

  • Jul 6 2008
  • 6 Jul 2008

Baseball Stamps Make Home-Run Collectibles

Take me out to the ballgame. Take me out with the crowd. You know the rest of the words, right? Well, did you know this song is celebrating its 100th anniversary in 2008? And what better way to celebrate this staple of the American pastime than by commemorating it with a U.S. postage stamp that’s sure to a sports collectibles hit?

  • Apr 5 2008
  • 5 Apr 2008

Stamps – What a Gift They Can Be

Forget about the baseball cards, I wish that I had my stamp collection back. The stamps that were given to me as a young child might have been the fortune that got away.