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  • Jan 12 2009
  • 12 Jan 2009

Turnipseed Reaps Diverse Collecting Crop

It started with a cardboard box at a garage sale purchased for $1. In the box was a plastic jewelry set—a bracelet, ring and earrings—all […]

  • Jan 9 2009
  • 9 Jan 2009

Top Obama Inaugural Collectibles

Superstar Will Smith got teary. Ellen Malcolm, founder of Emily’s List called it “a proud moment in our nation’s history.” Great Britain’s Prime Minister Gordon […]

  • Jan 6 2009
  • 6 Jan 2009

Persian Lamb: Telling the Genuine from the Faux

Persian Lamb is a beautiful fur. It’s warm, rather sturdy and can be sporty or dressy. It comes in different curl patterns, depending on the […]

  • Jan 5 2009
  • 5 Jan 2009

The Exquisite Needlework of Appenzell Embroidery

Some of the finest white-on-white hand embroidery comes from a small town at the foot of the Alps in northeast Switzerland. Named for the town […]

  • Jan 5 2009
  • 5 Jan 2009

An Easy Way to Display Your Valuable Rug

Displaying a valuable antique that should be kept of the floor used to be a big and often costly project. You had to sew a […]

  • Dec 26 2008
  • 26 Dec 2008

Caring for Vintage Linens and Textiles – Part Two

The Stains are Out – Now What Do I Do? Now that they’ve been washed, the linens are clean and ready to use. The final […]

  • Dec 17 2008
  • 17 Dec 2008

Preserving the Worth of Your Antique Carpets

We have all seen beautiful Oriental carpets worn to shreds, discolored, cracked, stained, stretched out of shape and visited with all possible manner of abuse and indignity […]

  • Dec 16 2008
  • 16 Dec 2008

Caring For Your Vintage and Antique Linens and Textiles—Part One

Removing Stains and Washing Textiles and Linens The one question that I get asked over and over whenever I’m doing a show is: “How do […]

  • Dec 16 2008
  • 16 Dec 2008

How to Repair Vintage Fur – Yes, You Can DIY

Vintage fur can be fragile. Air, light, heat, insects and accidents all contribute to causing damage to your precious garment. Generally, most people will take […]

  • Nov 30 2008
  • 30 Nov 2008

Iroquois Purses

Iroquois Purses

By Dolores Elliott