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  • May 14 2008
  • 14 May 2008

The Royal Flags and Honors of Queen Elizabeth II

Her formal title is “Her Majesty, Elizabeth the Second, by the Grace of God, of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland and of Her other Realms and Territories Queen, Head of the Commonwealth, Defender of the Faith.” She ascended the throne after the death of her father, King George VI on February 6, 1952 and her Coronation followed on June 2, 1953.

  • Apr 24 2008
  • 24 Apr 2008

Zhuang Embroidery Balls

In China’s southwest province of Guangxi, the Zhuang nationality comprises the largest ethnic minority with about 14 million people. I was fortunate to meet types of people from this ancient tribe – men and women and little babies – while touring the region. Wherever I found examples of Zhuang collectibles, the one that struck me as particularly unusual was the embroidered ball.

  • Apr 22 2008
  • 22 Apr 2008

Symbols and Flags of Earth Day

To paraphrase a famous Clinton-era campaign slogan, “It’s the Environment, Stupid.”

That could have been the basis for Earth Day as conceived by Senator Gaylord Nelson in 1969. Originally created as a teach-in about environmental problems facing Earth, it grew into the basis for the worldwide environmental movement.

  • Apr 7 2008
  • 7 Apr 2008

How to Find Information on Flags

I discovered that flags were an educational hobby in early 1980. Realizing that the study of flags was called vexillology and that I was a vexillologist was a personal breakthrough. Many aspects of my interest in flags, such as heraldry, art, history, culture, language, sociology, color and design, are encompassed within this discipline.

  • Mar 30 2008
  • 30 Mar 2008

William Leigh – Confederate Buttons

[youtube 1Mc6M2c3KMk]

  • Mar 21 2008
  • 21 Mar 2008

A Tussie Mussie

It’s called a Tussie Mussie, a Posey Holder, Nose Gay, or a Porte-Bouque. The names are different, but they are the same thing – a small, cone-shaped flower holder that holds a very small bouquet.

  • Mar 17 2008
  • 17 Mar 2008

Soiling of Old Glory

The Soiling of Old Glory

If you can’t use the American flag as a weapon, then what’s freedom of speech all about, anyway?

That could very well be the way some interpret the actions of the flag-wielding young man in the above photo. In reality, most everyone was horrified by the image.

  • Mar 10 2008
  • 10 Mar 2008

Collectible Handbags and Purses

Nowadays, you might see a man with a purse or handbag, but in yesteryear, it was the genteel women who carried these small purses. And […]

  • Mar 5 2008
  • 5 Mar 2008

How to Care for Old Flags


Flags manufactured before the age of synthetics were generally made whole or in part from wool, cotton and linen, all natural fibers.


  • Feb 25 2008
  • 25 Feb 2008

Vice President Cufflinks Misrepresented

Recently on Ebay I noticed an unusual change to the official seal of the vice president, 50 gold stars surrounding the central eagle on a white background. Everything was correct except for the 50 gold stars.