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  • Oct 19 2017
  • 19 Oct 2017

WorthPoint Chats with Harry Rinker: A Barometer with a Story

In the Oct. 19, 2017 episode of the weekly “WorthPoint Chats with Harry Rinker,” Harry talks about a Heath & Company barometer that comes with […]

  • Feb 19 2013
  • 19 Feb 2013

Unloved Antiques: Reproduction Victorian-Era Spyglasses

The next item in this series of Unloved Antiques is something that causes big problems in the antique and collectibles market: reproduction scientific instruments; the […]

  • Oct 25 2010
  • 25 Oct 2010

Shooting the Stars: There is an App for That

Last May I went on the trip of a lifetime. The opportunity came about when friends asked me a year before if I would like […]

  • Mar 16 2010
  • 16 Mar 2010

The Collector’s Minute: The Wimshurst Machine

This old looking reject from a science fiction/monster movie is in fact not the result of the mind of an overactive Hollywood script writer, nor […]