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  • Oct 18 2017
  • 18 Oct 2017

Moving “Unwanted” Collections Along

A relative has passed away, and has left their lifelong collection of souvenir travel dolls or Build-A-Bears to you.  Or your parents are downsizing, and […]

  • Sep 19 2017
  • 19 Sep 2017

Why Steiff is a World Class Brand

There’s something simply magical about the Teddy bears, dolls, and animals produced by the German toy company, Steiff.  They are the “Tiffany” of toys; the […]

  • Aug 22 2017
  • 22 Aug 2017

You Found a Vintage Teddy Bear! Now What Do You Do?

Congratulations!  You’ve just “adopted” a new vintage mohair Teddy bear.  Perhaps he came to you through a garage sale find, a treasure from an antique […]

  • Jul 25 2017
  • 25 Jul 2017

Steiff’s Fabulous Finds: A Pink 1920’s-Era Mohair Steiff Rabbit

  What it is:  It’s hard not to be tickled pink by today’s fabulous find.  Here we have a 1920’s era Steiff rabbit. That in itself […]

  • Jul 25 2017
  • 25 Jul 2017

Collecting: Bobbleheads

  Pope Francis is one, but then so was the Buddha.  Elvis was one, too, along with the Beatles.  Today every baseball and sports player […]

  • Jul 24 2017
  • 24 Jul 2017

Getting to Know You: Rebekah Kaufman, Steiff Enthusiast

Rebekah Kaufman is a regular contributor to WorthPoint’s Insider and has been part of the WorthPoint family for years.  She is our resident expert on […]

  • Jun 28 2017
  • 28 Jun 2017

Steiff’s Very Rare and Early Cinnamon Colored Teddy Bear

What it is:  Today’s star of the show is an all original Steiff Teddy bear from around 1907.  That in itself is not all that unusual. […]

  • May 15 2017
  • 15 May 2017

Adorable Woolen Miniatures by Steiff

What they are:  These woolen miniatures are universally beloved by Steiff, doll, and toy enthusiasts worldwide.  Perhaps that is because they are so appealing and […]

  • May 2 2017
  • 2 May 2017

Rinker on Collectibles: The Changing Face of Toy Collecting

  Collecting categories fall into two categories—static and changing. Antiques categories and some collectibles collecting categories are static. Static means no new period products associated […]

  • May 2 2017
  • 2 May 2017

Fabulous Find: Steiff’s Very Rare Standing Princeton Tiger With IDs

What it is: Today’s fabulous find is an all-original Steiff “Princeton Tiger.” He measures approximately 40 cm long and 23 cm tall not including his […]