What is a Cluster Ring?

This gorgeous Victorian cluster ring with a 2.2 carat Columbian emerald as the center stone can be yours for $18,000 at AC Silver.

An unusual engagement ring or a dazzling cocktail ring; clusters are suitable for so many occasions! They are certainly gorgeous pieces, but what exactly is a cluster ring and what significance do they have?

Diamond and gemstone rings are incredibly popular and it’s no question why. We have long been in love with wearing glistening jewels on our fingers, and if we have one stone set into a ring, then why not more? Cluster rings feature a central stone, surrounded by a halo of other gems. This is an all-encompassing definition, with many more specific styles falling under this umbrella term. Some clusters feature a large central stone flanked by a comparably small halo, whereas many clusters feature a grouping of similarly sized stones.

When it comes to materials, cluster rings can be very diverse. Diamond clusters have grown incredibly popular in recent years. It is also common however, to see clusters with a bright central stone such as a ruby or sapphire. Antique clusters in fact, are more often found in this style

Cluster Ring Meaning

The meaning of the cluster ring can differ from person to person. Recently, it has grown popular to present a cluster as an engagement ring, which gives clusters a connotation of love, loyalty, and commitment.

The trend of using a cluster ring for an engagement ring was renewed when Prince William presented his mother’s sapphire cluster ring to Catherine. This antique French sapphire ring lists for $9,000.

This trend may well have been heavily influenced by the royals. When Prince William presented his mother’s sapphire cluster ring to Catherine, he unwittingly started a craze for bright gemstone cluster engagement rings. A little more flashy and unusual than the classic diamond solitaire ring, gemstone clusters are perfect for a fiancé who likes something a little different. Although this wider choice may well seem daunting for those looking to propose!

Diamond Cluster Rings

Despite this trend change, cluster rings featuring diamonds and only diamonds still remain the more popular choice for an engagement ring. Diamonds are forever after all, and they’re a resilient rival for other gemstones. The hardest stones (therefore suitable for the everyday wear required of an engagement ring), and perhaps the most “classic,” a stunning diamond cluster is bound to put a smile on your would-be-bride’s face (and a “yes” on her lips)!  

Cluster rings featuring diamonds and only diamonds still remain the more popular choice for an engagement ring. This diamond cluster can be yours for a little over $15,000.

But, why pick a diamond cluster over a diamond solitaire? Well…

Cluster rings feature multiple diamonds of a smaller carat weight (in comparison to a large singular diamond). Because of this, you will get the effect of a larger diamond at a less anxiety-inducing price! Clusters have an amazing sparkle to them due to the multiple gemstones, and will certainly turn heads.

When choosing your diamond cluster engagement ring, be sure to consider the “4 C’s” before making your purchase!

Cluster Rings through the Ages

Cluster rings can be traced back to the Georgian period, but are likely to date back even further. During this time, they would have been worn as a status symbol as well as decoration; bright dazzling jewelry which glistens in the candle light was highly desirable. Georgian jewelry, though impressive, was less refined and perhaps more cumbersome than more modern designs. Cluster rings were no exception. Throughout time however, the style evolved.

Victorian era cluster rings were slightly more dainty and refined; they featured thinner, more delicate prongs. This refinement continued through the Edwardian period. At this point, cluster rings were crafted to be slightly more streamlined and elegant.

This stunning sapphire and diamond dress ring in an Art Deco style lists for $9000.

Upon the dawn of the Art Deco era, we see yet another change in the cluster ring style. They followed suit with the rest of the design movement and were crafted in a geometric manner, with straight lines and square designs, like this stunning sapphire and diamond dress ring pictured above. 

Although cluster rings may seem to be one specific style, the reality is that they vary greatly! This means that whoever you are, whatever your taste and whether you’re looking for an engagement ring or a cocktail ring, there is a cluster out there for you! Browse our entire collection of cluster rings and find yours…

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