Are Your Christmas Serving Pieces Worth Some Money? You Bet They Are!

A 188 Piece German Silver Flatware Service for 12 in Fitted Oak Canteen, circa 1900 sold for $3,875 in Ocotber 2017.

It’s time for you to get those Christmas serving pieces out and dust them off for the holiday season.  We thought it would be interesting to see just how much some of your holiday collection is worth.  Look through these listings in our Worthopedia and see if you have any of these pieces in your collection.  You might be surprised at the treasures you have in storage, or even better, you might be able to PAY for Christmas!

This Waterford Twelve Days of Christmas punchbowl set sold for $1950 in October of 2017.

Waterford ruby red 12 days of Christmas set crystal champagne flutes sold for $2639.99 in October 2017.

This vintage, massive, silver plated Rogers meat platter sold for $49.45 in August 2017.

Folks, before the holiday season gets in full swing, just for fun, go to the Worthopedia and search for different serving pieces from your own collection.  If you are like us, you will be amazed at all the listings for each item AND you will be stunned at the price points of some of these pieces.  Simply put the name of your item (the more specific, the better) in the search bar and wait for the magic to happen.  If you don’t know exactly what your pattern is, or it has no markings, all you have to do to get started is put “Christmas china” in the search bar and over 400,000 listings will appear before your eyes. ENJOY!

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