Casting Call for ‘My Collection Obsession’ New Reality Television Show

Would this collection of Converse shoes make the cut for "My Obsessive Collection" television show?

What about this collection of action figures?

A collection of pens?

Is collecting a part of your daily life?

Are parts of your collection in every room of your house?

Do you have unique and special objects that you are extremely proud of?

Finally, do you want to show off your collection on national cable television?

The producers of “My Collection Obsession,” which will air on a national cable network, are currently looking for serious and dedicated collectors of all kinds who could appear on the show.

But fair warning: MCO is not looking for your average collector who has their pieces displayed on the mantle or in a few curio cabinets. Oh, no. They are looking for the collector on steroids, who devotes just about every waking hour on the hunt for new or elusive additions or in the spent in the service of the collection. The collectors the producers are looking for live, eat and sleep their collections.

So, do you have it in you? Can you make the cut? Interested collectors must meet the following three requirements:

• Collectors must reside within the United States, U.S. territories or Canada.
• Your collection must either be truly grand in scale, extremely unique or rare or have an amazing back story.
• Collecting must be part of your lifestyle, not just a small side hobby.

If interested, please send a description of what you collect, and why and how you do so to Please also include any photos, articles or videos that will help us assess the extent of your collection. All submissions will be kept for internal use only.

Gregory Watkins is the editor of WorthPoint.


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