What’s Up in Will’s World?

Will Seippel, our WorthPoint CEO and founder always has something interesting going on, whether it’s running the company, selling on eBay, or searching for treasures.  Once a month we will check in with Will to see what he has been up to.   Follow along as Will gives us a behind the scenes peek into the world of Will.

This has been a crazy fall and we are now already into winter. Winter in the South is different from winter in the North, as I am getting a new hot water system in my house in Maine! I need to sell more to pay for it all, but sales on eBay have been very strong this fall and into the holiday season. Yes, if you remember the coffee mugs… we still have about 1,500 of the 7,000 to list. About 7 mugs a day are selling going into Christmas. Not bad as a cool $100 a day comes in on coffee mugs that initially cost $700.  They have paid for themselves numerous times over. I smile knowing that Sharon Clayton, who has been listing the mugs for me, will have them all listed for the 2018 Christmas season. Go Sharon! (It is not too early to think about 2018 Christmas as we merchandise.) While my sales are down over the last month, it is because I am focusing on moving more small ticket items for Christmas. My sales from last year are up almost 100%. Whew!
WorthPoint has some cool and fun things going on that you all need to join. Danna Crawford is leading our National Treasure Hunt to go out with you guys  at your local markets. Come with us and participate in the one near you and you have a chance to win $1,000 in a drawing on 12/1/18. This is something we will do annually and we hope to expand the venues and prizes in the future. We want to see who the best pickers are out there and how WorthPoint can help you pick better. We went to Long Beach, CA and what a great show. My great find was negatives for my new and upcoming web site History in Photographs. I got some previously unknown negatives of the Sydney Australia World’s Fair of 1879, some of Alfred Hitchcock, and some of the QE2. On the latter, I need to find the Polish gentleman that sold these to me  and I lost your contact so please email us back if you see this. 
The weather at both Long Beach in CA and Renniger’s in FL in December was unbelievably hot. Both shows were over 100 degrees on the field. While normally we take the top 3 pickers from each treasure event and enter them into the sweepstakes, anyone that can shop for a day in 100 degree heat is a winner with us, so all entered the sweepstake that walked off the fields in October and November. December’s treasure hunt is with Scott’s in Atlanta on 12/9/17.  It will not be 100 degrees here, I promise. Come join us and do not forget to order your shirt. Having the shirt at Renniger’s saved one person who could not find where she parked later and went through a lot of heart ache as she struggled with being lost (yes the show is that big). A fellow dealer that I buy from spotted her in distress and because of the bright orange shirt noted she was with us. He told her to stay put and I would be by with a car in 3 minutes to pick up my purchases and could find her car. We did and now can laugh about it! Some impressive finds were made on both days!
This fall, I also visited WorthPoint Romania and some great things are coming from there in product improvements. The handheld apps are fantastic that have been released over the past month and we are focusing on improvements in the Marks and Library integration into WorthPoint. More on that later but I will be back in Romania in January and thanks to all!
My photo site History in Photographs (HIP), is set to launch in January and I am finishing all copyright and trademark registrations and things like credit card processing. I hope to have images on eBay in December. I also made my first attempt at buying out an entire estate from the punk/rocker Pearl Harbor of Pearl Harbor and the Explosions and sometime player with The Clash. It was a living estate and a lot of fun mid-century items from Hawaiian items to Lili St. Cyr rare stripper posters.  The estate was in CA and I shipped to GA. We learned about how not to ship on that one, but another story. I have started to sell these items on eBay so keep an eye out!
See you all soon at Scott’s and let’s shop!

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