How Much Per Fume?

The World's Most Expensive Bottle of Perfume, now on display at Saks Fifth Ave, NYC

A tasteful perfume bottle can be a work of art and has long been a popular collectible. Here’s a quick run through of the scent bottle lexicon to help you make sense of it all!

• A Commercial bottle is a perfume bottle available at the perfume counter, as opposed to a handmade, one of a kind.
• A Signed bottle is a commercial bottle signed by the designer.
• An Atomizer is the lovely pump – popular in antique bottles.
• A Factice or Dummy bottle is a blown up version of the commercial bottle, made for display only. It contains a colored mixture of alcohol in place of the actual perfume.
• Miniature bottles or minis are tiny bottles that were manufactured for giveaways as samples or promotional items.

Value is placed according to the design of the bottle, the brand of perfume, condition, and scarcity. A popular design is of highest value when it’s unopened with a perfect label and a box in mint condition.

Perfume paraphernalia is also in demand including talcum powder cans, compacts, advertising displays, and solid perfume containers that were sold especially for Christmas.

As with other fashion items, age doesn’t determine price when it comes to perfume bottles. A 1997 Lalique factice and a 1930’s Mickey Mouse recently sold for $800 each while a Gorham Martelle, signed Tiffany, recently brought in over $17,000.

The most impressive perfume value in history is a very recent creation. If you visit New York City you can take a peek at the world’s most expensive perfume (an official Guinness World Record) on display at Saks Fifth Avenue. It’s a bottle of the No. 1 Imperial Majesty perfume, by Clive Christian, in a signature Baccarat Crystal bottle inset with a white diamond on the neck. It is valued at over $200,000. One thousand commercial bottles of No. 1 Imperial Majesty are released per year – of men’s and women’s scents (priced at $2,350 respectively). Only ten of these Baccarat bottles were produced and one of them belongs to Katie Holmes. She wore it on her wedding day, when Tom Cruise smelled this scent made of the rarest of ingredients, and contained in the most glamorous of bottles!