WorthPoint Chats with Harry Rinker: Linen Schnitzlebach Song Wall Hanging

In this episode of “WorthPoint Chats with Harry Rinker” YouTube channel webcast, Harry talks about a viewer’s Schnitzlebach Song sign.

In the Sept. 13, 2017 episode of the weekly “WorthPoint Chats with Harry Rinker,” Harry talks about some positive trends in the antiques and collectibles world, as well as an interesting piece of brewerania: a viewer’s Schnitzlebach Song sign.

“WorthPoint Chats with Harry Rinker” on the WorthPoint YouTube channel features antiques and collectibles expert Harry Rinker talking with WorthPoint’s Gregory Watkins about how to identify and value antiques and collectibles, the current trends in the industry and anything else that happens to come up. Harry will also take a look at items submitted by WorthPoint subscribers and explain what they are as well as what they might be worth.

To submit an item for Harry to look at or a topic for discussion, email photographs and everything you know about the item (where you got it, who had it before, what you paid for it, etc.) to insider@worthpoint.com. We’ll let you know in advance if your item was selected and when it will appear on “WorthPoint Chats with Harry Rinker.”

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