Comics Auction Watch – The Two-Million-Dollar Superman

This Action Comics #1—the introduction of Superman—sold for $2.161 million last Wednesday at an auction hosted by Comic

Auction Watch!

It looks like Superman will be holding on to the title of the most expensive comic ever sold after last Wednesday’s Comic auction of an Action Comics #1 in CGC 9.0 condition sold for $2,161,000.

The sale smashes the previous record of $1.5 million for a copy in CGC 8.5 condition, also sold by Comic Connect back in 2009. Though the owner of the comic hasn’t been officially identified, several sites are reporting that this copy belonged to and may have been sold by actor Nicholas Cage. The auction’s description doesn’t mention anything about the owner or the history of this copy, but there is only one copy of Action Comics listed in 9.0 condition on the CGC Census and this copy earned headlines back in January of 2000 when it was reported stolen from Cage’s home.

In April of this year the comic was recovered by the Los Angeles Police Department after being discovered by an unidentified man who found it among the contents of an abandoned storage locker he purchased in the San Fernando Valley. It hasn’t been confirmed that the comic was sold by Cage himself, but it seems to make sense that the well-publicized case of the missing Action Comics #1—when solved—would end up with the actor getting his property back. If so, Cage’s well-publicized bankruptcy could be a lot less painless and he might be able to be a little more picky with his movie roles (see his Internet Movie Database page for the list of stinkers he’s made for the last 10 years).

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