Ask a Worthologist

Ask a Worthologist™ is available to anyone who desires an unbiased, expert opinion of a collectible or antique. You need not be a WorthPoint™ subscriber to use the service. Based on details and photos you provide (see form below), a WorthPoint™ Worthologist will return a detailed evaluation of your item which includes an estimated range of its fair market value. The cost per evaluation is just $29.99. Ask a Worthologist was evaluated in a blind study - August 26th 2010 in The Wall Street Journal - and it was the only service of its kind that evaluated all items accurately.

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Ask a Worthologist is a limited evaluation of an item to develop an opinion of estimated value from photographs, descriptions and other information provided by the member. It does not include a physical examination of the item(s).

This limited evaluation is intended to supply the member with an estimated value range of the item(s) in the secondary market(s) most often used to buy or sell antiques, art, rugs, silver, collectibles, decorative arts and residential contents. The markets considered are whichever market is most appropriate for each item being evaluated.

This limited evaluation is not a precise measurement, nor a guess, but rather a relative estimate of value of the degree of similarity between the item and comparable property, relative to the market conditions at the time the comparable item was sold

The Ask a Worthologist evaluation does not guarantee a selling price for the items evaluated. The item may ultimately sell for more or less than the value provided. By using the Ask a Worthologist Service you expressly waive any right to make any claims against WorthPoint or the Worthologist with respect to the ultimate validity of the Worthologist's estimate of value.