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    • Apr 27 2008
    • 27 Apr 2008

    Why I Collect

    Are you an antique collector? Before you answer, “no,” take a look around your home.

    In just one room you could discover, as I did, several items well over 100 years old that continue to function admirably in either their original capacity or some creative new way.

    • Apr 24 2008
    • 24 Apr 2008

    Pussam Antiguedades

    As San Telmo’s go-to shop for antique cameras and timepieces, Pussam Antiguedades contains the collection of Samuel Pustelnik, who has also assembled an interesting variety of scientific apparatuses and bronze objects, and a nice collection of hanging, table, and floor lamps.

    • Apr 8 2008
    • 8 Apr 2008

    Neal Auction Company To Partner With WorthPoint

    Neal Auction Company teams up with WorthPoint Corporation, a social network and search engine for collectors

    • Mar 30 2008
    • 30 Mar 2008

    On the Antique Road with Tom Carrier- The DC Big Flea

    [youtube cckrNW7CUrk] Tom Carrier heads to the DC Big Flea WorthPoint – Discover Your Hidden Wealth (Visited 2 times, 1 visits today) Related posts: DHL […]

    • Mar 29 2008
    • 29 Mar 2008

    The Adventures of Attending Estate Sales and the Items That Got Away

    I checked the paper the other day and found a House Sale listing a Civil War Operating Table, so yesterday I made it out of the house early to check this out. Being from Kentucky, my mind told me that I might be the only person attending the sale who would have interest in this prize.

    • Mar 28 2008
    • 28 Mar 2008

    Collecting Toys

    Many people seem to get started with toy collecting more accidentally than deliberately. There may be the old one-eyed teddy that nobody has the heart to give away; there may be the favorite train set that brings happy memories of rainy days indoors. Or you may visit a flea market and find yourself buying a doll because it is like the one you once had.

    • Mar 27 2008
    • 27 Mar 2008

    A Boomer Collectible: The Lunch Box

    Walk into any public school cafeteria today and you’ll find salad bars with fresh greens and veggies and at least a half dozen choices for mid-day meals and snacks. Back when baby boomers were attending school, you were lucky to find one choice for a hot lunch, usually the same offering on the same day each week.

    • Mar 23 2008
    • 23 Mar 2008

    Spring Has Sprung in the Antiques Markets. Are You Ready?

    Daryle Lambert’s 31 Club Antique & Collectible Wealth Builders Blog:

    Get your best fitting shoes out, because the season for Antiquing is about to begin. The number of events will start picking up which means the treasures we hunt will be harder for just the few to find.

    • Mar 22 2008
    • 22 Mar 2008

    The Role of Egg Rolling at Easter in The United States

    The Easter Egg Roll at The White House dates back to 1814 when President James Madison’s wife Dolly Madison started the tradition for the children. This tradition continued until 1877 when children were banned from the White House grounds when a new lawn was installed. The ban lasted only one year when President Rutherford B.

    • Mar 21 2008
    • 21 Mar 2008

    Creating Your Own Market in the Collectibles Business

    Have you ever thought that by having a special interest in a certain Baseball, Football, Basketball player you could start your own business? A certain Singer, Actor or Race Car Driver might suit you better, but regardless of your taste, there is plenty of opportunity to turn this interest into dollars.