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    • Aug 16 2008
    • 16 Aug 2008

    Baseball Collectibles & Great Fun: DHL All-Star FanFest

    Dan Borsey has the time of his life at the DHL All-Star FanFest in New York. Dan, aka Dan the Man in the WorthPoint Van, has two major passions in life – baseball and antiques & collectibles. Dan says the DHL FanFest is an event that you shouldn’t miss!

    More of Dan the Man in the WorthPoint Van’s DHL FanFest videos:

    • Aug 16 2008
    • 16 Aug 2008

    DHL All-Star FanFest – Jeter, Yankee Stadium Loss & More

    At the DHL All-Star FanFest, Dan Borsey commiserates with a long time Yankee fan about the loss of the old Yankee stadium. But it’s a great day at the FanFest and Dan the Man in the WorthPoint Van talks to the fans.

    See all WorthPoint videos from the DHL FanFest:

    • Aug 16 2008
    • 16 Aug 2008

    DHL All-Star FanFest – Contest

    At the DHL All-Star FanFest, Reporter Dan Borsey and Cameraman Matt Kohn capture a little slice of American life at the finals of the “Take Me Out to the Ballgame” video/song contest. The big prize? The winner gets to sing “Take Me Out to the Ballgame” in the seventh inning of the 2008 MLB All-Star Game at Yankee Stadium!

    • Aug 14 2008
    • 14 Aug 2008

    Beijing Olympic Collectibles? Phelps Takes the Gold

    For sports collectibles enthusiasts, the 2008 Summer Olympics—so far—can be summed up in two words: Michael Phelps. The swimmer, who now has more gold medals than any other Olympic athlete in history, appears well on his way to capturing the eight many predicted he would earn at the Beijing Games.

    • Aug 13 2008
    • 13 Aug 2008

    BRONZE 1943-S Lincoln Cent Discovered

    A previously unrecorded 1943-S Lincoln cent erroneously struck on a bronze planchet has been acquired by Rare Coin Wholesalers of California. The coin has been certified as AU-53 by Numismatic Guaranty Corporation (NGC).

    • Aug 8 2008
    • 8 Aug 2008

    Estate Planning—Stop the Squabbling, Save the Family

    When it comes to dividing an estate, ordinarily level-headed, rational people often act like 3-year-olds arguing over who gets the Slinky and who gets the yo-yo. The funeral is barely concluded when the squabbling begins over the disposition of art, antiques and collectibles.

    “Why do you get the antique Lalique wineglasses? You don’t know a Burgundy from a Bordeaux.”

    • Aug 5 2008
    • 5 Aug 2008

    Antique Baseball Gloves—How the Game Used to Be

    Baseball fans are like historians in many ways. They pride themselves on being able to quote arcane stats, facts and stories. One aspect of sports collectibles that is important to many historians of the game is baseball-glove collecting. Collectors are fascinated by antique gloves that tell stories of the development of this incredible sport

    • Aug 3 2008
    • 3 Aug 2008

    Is Dot on 1875 Cent Reverse the Secret Mark?

    The hunt to identify a “secret mark” on the reverse of an 1875 Indian Head cent which has persisted for some thirty-six years may have finally been successful. This year a coin appraiser, assessing coins for an auction had his attention drawn to a particular 1875 Indian cent. The coin had a tiny raised dot on one of the letters in the denomination.

    • Aug 1 2008
    • 1 Aug 2008

    Estate Planning—Antiques, Collectibles & GREED

    Inheriting fine collectibles, antiques and art sometimes brings out unattractive qualities in people, one being greed. Let me assure you that despite what the Michael […]

    • Jul 24 2008
    • 24 Jul 2008

    Autograph World Teams Up With WorthPoint

    Autograph World joins WorthPoint, a social network and search engine for collectors