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    • Aug 22 2008
    • 22 Aug 2008

    Condition and Provenance in US Militaria

    Grading condition for military collectibles is not a simple process. Militaria is different from many other collectibles, where flawless examples are ideal and items with condition issues have less value.

    • Jul 17 2008
    • 17 Jul 2008

    Antique Hunting in Missouri: Part I

    On the way home from the Ft Leavenworth Militaria Show in Kansas, I stopped at a few antique shops in Missouri. Over the years, I have had good luck in Missouri and many of my scores have been at the W.D. Pickers Antique Mall located in Platte City, MO (

    • May 24 2008
    • 24 May 2008

    Always a Marine: Reuniting history with a collectible uniform

    My favorite antiques and collectibles tell a story. It’s been my experience that unearthing the story is more rewarding than the challenge of obtaining the item. My most recent “story” began at the Hastings, Nebraska military collectibles show in March 2008. I had just set up my dealer table and started walking the floor to see what other dealers brought to sell.

    • May 19 2008
    • 19 May 2008

    Militaria And Barbecue: Kansas City Show Review

    I’ve attended the KC Military Show for over a decade and I cannot think of a time where I left the venue empty handed. Admittedly, this time I tried my best not to purchase anything because I just bought a WWII 2nd Bn. Ranger uniform group and I did not want to test my wife’s generosity with more purchases this month.

    • Apr 30 2008
    • 30 Apr 2008

    Mao’s Museum

    While staying in Beijing, I made time to take a subway and visit the Chinese Military Museum. This spectacular building spans 60,000 square meters (196,850.39 square feet) and exhibits 5,000 years of Chinese military history on two four-story wings.

    • Apr 30 2008
    • 30 Apr 2008

    What is Cloissone?

    Cloisonné is a form of enamelware that began in Beijing in the 13th century. During my stay in China, I had the opportunity to visit the Yu Long Friendship Store (, a facility in Beijing where fine cloisonné is manufactured and sold.

    • Apr 30 2008
    • 30 Apr 2008

    Silk Street “Antiques”

    If you are in Beijing and enjoy hunting for a bargain while swarms of venders tug at your clothing and gesture in front of your face to control your attention, Silk Street Market is just the place for you!

    • Apr 30 2008
    • 30 Apr 2008

    Shopping in Pingyau

    While staying in Shanxi Province in China, I was able to visit Pingyao Ancient City. Pingyau was built in 1370 AD during the Ming Dynasty and declared a World Heritage site by UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization) in 1997. It is the largest built and most preserved ancient city in Shanxi Province.

    • Apr 30 2008
    • 30 Apr 2008

    A Clandestine Army: A Book Review

    I was excited to obtain a copy of SOG: Team History and Insignia of a Clandestine Army, the much-anticipated book written by SOG authority Jason Hardy ( with help from author/dealer Mike Tucker ( Jason is well known in the militaria collecting community as a specialty dealer focused on SOG and Special Forces memorabilia from the Vietnam War.

    • Apr 30 2008
    • 30 Apr 2008

    A Flick of Cold Steel…

    My earliest recollection of wanting to own a switchblade came after seeing the film The Outsiders, where the character Johnny Cade (played by Ralph Macchio) uses a lever-lock switchblade to defend himself during a fight scene with rival “Socs” (short for socialites). The camera cuts to Johnny Cade on ground, then zooms to his hand as he discretely draws his blade from his jean pocket.