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    • Nov 21 2007
    • 21 Nov 2007

    Military Collectibles for Investment

    I recently read a New York Times article about military collectibles that touched on two interesting subjects.

    • Nov 17 2007
    • 17 Nov 2007

    Unlimited “Limited Edition” Collectibles

    I grew up at the tail end of an age where most people bought toys with the intent of them being played with. As a small child, I had a neighborhood friend who would receive toys for his birthday or Christmas and never take them out of the packaging. His Star Wars and G.I. Joe figures remained on the blister cards.

    • Nov 8 2007
    • 8 Nov 2007

    Not all Visor Caps are “Crushers”

    There is rampant misuse of the term “crusher cap” in reference to US visor caps in the WWII militaria collecting market. A crusher cap is a type of visor cap that is intended to be soft and pliable. Germans also had a crusher cap designed for field use, but that is another topic. US crusher caps were designed for pilots and air personnel to comfortably wear under their headset.

    • Nov 3 2007
    • 3 Nov 2007

    CBS Fender Instruments: A Turning Point in Quality and Value?

    January 3, 1965 is an important date for Fender instrument collectors because it’s when Leo Fender and Don Randall sold their company to CBS Broadcasting for $13 million. Leo remained working in R&D and Randall became General Manager, but their company was never the same again.

    • Nov 3 2007
    • 3 Nov 2007

    MACV-SOG 1-0 Jacket: A Symbol For Vietnam’s Elite Among The Elite

    Until recently, little was known or published about MACV-SOG, an elite US Special Forces reconnaissance unit in Vietnam. SOG was under joint command by 5th Special Forces Group and CIA with an objective to recon and disrupt the Ho Chi Minh trail by running cross-border operations into denied areas, primarily Laos and Cambodia. SOG recon teams were small, typically 6 to 8 men.

    • Jul 27 2007
    • 27 Jul 2007

    The Evolution of Jungle Boots Worn in Vietnam

    The first jungle boots to be worn in South East Asia where developed immediately post WWII for use in Panama. They resembled WWII boots by having double buckles and a russet brown leather finish. They saw limited use in Vietnam with the exception of being worn by early Special Forces advisor teams in Laos (Operation Hot Foot / White Star) and occasionally by TDY teams in Vietnam.

    • Jul 26 2007
    • 26 Jul 2007

    401st GIR (Glider Infantry Regiment), 101st Airborne Uniform Group

    This uniform grouping was worn by PFC James J. Kriha, Service Company 401st GIF, 101st Airborne. Kriha was a post D-Day replacement and fought in Holland (Operation Market Garden), where he was seriously wounded and spent the next year and a half in hospitals recovering.