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    • Sep 29 2008
    • 29 Sep 2008

    Yankee Stadium Farewell

    Editor’s Note: Dan Borsey is a collector, and baseball is his passion. In Farewell to Yankee Stadium, he writes about his most precious collectibles—memories.

    • Sep 8 2008
    • 8 Sep 2008

    Brimfield = Great Collectibles and People

    Brimfield = Great Collectibles & People

    Want a mind-blogging selection of antiques and collectibles? Then you’ve got to head to tiny Brimfield, Mass., where three times a year what is arguably the largest outdoor antiques show is open for business. If you can’t find collectibles that excite you at the 5,000 dealers, I don’t know where you can.

    • Sep 4 2008
    • 4 Sep 2008

    From Manmade to Machine Manufactured, Transitional Marbles Were Homemade

    From 1880 to 1915 glass marbles were manufactured in the US by machine for the first time – or at least they were machine manufactured in part. A part of the process was still done by hand and the marbles made in this way are known as Transitional Marbles. They represent a bridge between manmade and machine manufactured marbles.

    • Sep 4 2008
    • 4 Sep 2008

    Thems Fighting Words

    Pocket knives are collectible from boy scout days to the pen knife on your key chain. The Swiss Army Knife is currently the most popular version with multiple knives, scissors, a nail file, and a corkscrew as standard issue. Vintage or antique knives can make for a beautiful collection with mother of pearl or wooden handles, brass liners, fancy springs and various designs.

    • Jul 16 2008
    • 16 Jul 2008

    Thurman Munson, a Yankees Legend Remembered

    I’m just back from the DHL All-Star FanFest in New York City where I spent a day with cameraman Matt Kohn shooting video about antiques and collectibles for the WorthPoint site. Besides baseball, my other passion is collecting, buying and selling antiques and collectibles. I love the excitement of a live auction, and as a baseball diehard, the FanFest was a match made in heaven.

    • May 14 2008
    • 14 May 2008

    Brimfield-Collector’s Show

    I’m in collector heaven. Yes, I’m at the Brimfield Antique and Flea Market shows in you guessed it, Brimfield Massachusetts.

    Brimfield is just a little town founded in 1731, the year before George Washington was born. Maybe 3,000 people live here. But three times a year the town the swells up as though it were on steroids.

    • Jan 10 2008
    • 10 Jan 2008

    Have You Lost Your Marbles?

    A thumb flicks a shiny marble across the cement and the camera zooms in on the child’s face – tongue curled over his upper lip in consternation, his gaze steady – as the tiny ball rolls toward its target. A smile erupts when the marble hits its mark.

    • Jan 9 2008
    • 9 Jan 2008

    It’s a Brewer’s Market

    Like anything else made by man, BEER has a diverse and interesting history, rife for academic study. Those old tin cans in the basement could be worth polishing up and checking out. That metal Pabst Blue Ribbon sign and the funny, corkscrew souvenir grandpa bought for grandma on their honeymoon – these are valued pieces of Breweriana!