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    • Apr 25 2008
    • 25 Apr 2008

    Animation Art – Collectible Cels and Drawings

    It was a Saturday afternoon, back in the days of my youth, and I can still remember handing over my ten cents to the man behind the glass window, then getting a ticket to the greatest afternoon ever. I waltzed right through the theater doors and up to the refreshment stand and handed over my nickel for a Coke. If I was plush with money, I splurged on a five cent bag of popcorn.

    • Apr 24 2008
    • 24 Apr 2008

    Ice Cream Parlor & Soda Shop Antiques

    As a young kid, I remember going to the Olde Soda Shop in Lewisport Kentucky with my Uncle Jim. He was my father’s youngest brother, yet only four years older than me. The town of Lewisport had a population of about 500 back then, and everyone, including the adults, seemed to congregate at this shop on the weekends.

    • Apr 23 2008
    • 23 Apr 2008

    Time to Sell Ungraded Silver Coin

    This week, when I took my son, Joshua, to a coin store to look around, I couldn’t believe my eyes. There must have been six or eight employees working behind the counter plus twenty-five or thirty customers. I asked to speak to the manager. I really wanted to know what all these people were doing here. He told me they were all either buying for their collection or selling their silver or gold.

    • Apr 22 2008
    • 22 Apr 2008

    Antique Silver Napkin Rings – Beauty and Value

    Do you know a single napkin ring can bring up to $5,000? But be careful, because there are reproductions. Napkin Rings were fashionable from about 1860 to 1900, and no formal table would have been set without them. Where did the days of the formal table go, now that we are in the disposable age where everything goes into the trash as soon as the meal is completed?

    • Apr 21 2008
    • 21 Apr 2008

    Antique & Vintage Book Marks

    I was looking for a way to be lazy today and I found one. You see, my partner, Cindy, asked if I could do a simple blog today, because she has family in town and isn’t going to have a lot of time to devote to it. Along came Howie. Howie Schechter is a collector of silver bookmarks and has a collection of over 1,000 antique and vintage bookmarks.

    • Apr 19 2008
    • 19 Apr 2008

    Carnival Glass – Adventures in Antiquing

    Photo: European Carnival Glass/Eda Glasbruks Floral Sunburst is offered at $995 – £567

    • Apr 18 2008
    • 18 Apr 2008

    Flow Blue China: An Error that Paid Off

    I had a special request to do a blog about Flow Blue from Joann Woodall of the Wagon Wheel Antiques Co. Joann is one of the people from whom I purchased the wonderful pottery at the Arlington Park Antique Show. I am always looking for items of interest to write about, so in the future, please email any requests you might have.

    • Apr 17 2008
    • 17 Apr 2008

    Collectible Knives

    Mumblepeg was a game played with a knife that I played when I was a little boy of nine or ten. Knives in hand, two boys faced each other and took turns throwing the knife, aiming to land its point in the ground close to his opponent’s foot. The opponent would then move his foot to touch the knife. The object was to stretch your friend until he couldn’t reach the knife.

    • Apr 14 2008
    • 14 Apr 2008

    Automobile Collectibles and Memorabilia Market is Large and Hot

    While you are out there finding all those great license plates I talked about in the blog the other day, be sure to keep your antenna up for other collectible automobile items. There isn’t a larger group of collectors than the car enthusiasts, with the exception of sports collectors.

    • Apr 11 2008
    • 11 Apr 2008

    Spotting Value in Antiques, Collectibles & Art