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    • Apr 1 2008
    • 1 Apr 2008

    The Glass Art of the Cambridge Glass Company

    The Cambridge Glass Co. was one of America’s premier glass companies in the 20th century. It was founded in 1873, but its factory did not open in Cambridge, Ohio until 1901. The factory’s first piece of glass was a three pint pitcher produced in May, 1902.

    After ownership changes, the company went out of business in 1958 as a result of the influx of cheap, foreign made glass.

    • Feb 12 2008
    • 12 Feb 2008

    19th century glass lamps

    To keep light in a home during the 1800’s required the use of oil lamps, for the most part. The glass lamps were functional, put out enough candlepower to light a small room, and served as night lights for the kids.

    • Feb 3 2008
    • 3 Feb 2008

    Rookwood Pottery

    Like many successful businesses, one of the most prominent late 19th and early 20th century ceramics and pottery companies was created from a hobby.

    • Jan 4 2008
    • 4 Jan 2008

    Aladdin Lamps by Model

    The Aladdin Mantel Lamp Co. was established by Victor S. Johnson in 1908. He enjoyed reading about the Arabian Nights series of books while young. As an adult he introduced a particular kind of indoor lamp that produced a rather soft white light and named the lamp Aladdin.

    • Jan 4 2008
    • 4 Jan 2008

    The Collectible Oil and Kerosene Lamp Reference Library

    In the collectible world of oil, kerosene, and electrical lamps there is an abundant of detailed books explaining the history, type, color, manufacturer, values and other specific details needed to verify any lamp.

    We highlight only a select few here, but there are so many others to consider when starting your own lamp collection.

    • Dec 16 2007
    • 16 Dec 2007

    Origin of the Lighting Lamp

    In the arcane world of oil lamps there are considered to be three distinct phases: simple olive oil lamps from prehistory to the 18th century, the Argand lamp created about 1780, and the kerosene lamp created about 1850.

    • Dec 16 2007
    • 16 Dec 2007

    The Mark of Heisey Glass

    Another interest we would like to intoduce you to is Heisey Glass, a favorite of Sheri for many years.

    • Dec 16 2007
    • 16 Dec 2007

    Aladdin Mantel Lamp Co.

    It has a long history of providing heat and warmth to generations of families since 1908. Today, many families around the world still rely on the Aladdin Mantel Lamp’s original use as a main source of light, as a secondary emergency source or as its main source of light in developing countries.