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    • Jan 9 2008
    • 9 Jan 2008

    Political Button Reproductions

    In 1972, the American Oil Company reproduced historic political campaign buttons with the history of the candidate on a card and gave them away as premiums to its gas station customers. They featured buttons from the 1896 campaign of William Jennings Bryan through the 1968 presidential campaign.

    • Dec 22 2007
    • 22 Dec 2007

    The 2007 Official White House Christmas Card

    Continuing a tradition that dates back to the first official White House Christmas card sent by President Franklin D. Roosevelt in 1933, the White House recently released the official 2007 White House Christmas card.

    • Nov 12 2007
    • 12 Nov 2007

    The Eisenhower Birthday Plate

    Sometimes in the world of collectibles there is an event item that is made specifically and only for that special time and then there is a commemorative item that was not made officially for the event, but instead honors the event itself.  For example, the official inaugural medal for a president’s swearing in recognizes the event officially.  Another company produces its own inaugural medal

    • Nov 12 2007
    • 12 Nov 2007

    The Inaugural Medal of Warren G. Harding

    President-elect Warren G. Harding wanted "…the most dazzling celebration in the memory of the present generation." Fireworks, concerts, balls, parades, and the return of the inaugural medal. However, with the economy approaching deep depression, the political climate did not warrant an extravagent celebration.

    • Nov 12 2007
    • 12 Nov 2007

    The Inaugural Clothing Buttons of George Washington

    In the first inauguration of a freely chosen president of the United States in 1789, President-elect George Washington appeared in  New York "…dressed in deep brown, with metal buttons, with an eagle on them…", according to William Maclay, a Pennsylvania Senator.   As would happen in decades to come, merchants saw a chance to sell souvenirs of the occasion and they would be clothi