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    • Mar 12 2008
    • 12 Mar 2008

    This Week In Geek 3/12

    A good friend rocked my world this week when he sent me a link to something that made my skin crawl. Apparently there have been sightings of what is being referred to as “A creepy gnome” in a small town in South America and now a group of kids have caught the gnome on video. You can see the video here:

    • Mar 11 2008
    • 11 Mar 2008

    How to properly store your collectible comics

    How to store your collectible comics

    The collectible comic market seems to exist for two reasons: Mothers and incorrect storage.

    • Mar 7 2008
    • 7 Mar 2008

    The Comic Speculator: The Early Works of Matt Wagner

    For those of you who can’t drop upwards of $200.00 on a comic book, you’ll be happy to know that you can find most of these old Zorro books in poor condition (reader copies) at any comic shop with a decent back stock for under $10.00.

    • Mar 5 2008
    • 5 Mar 2008

    This Week in Geek 3/05/08

    Yesterday was a little traumatic for myself and Green Bay Packers fans everywhere as our hero Brett Favre announced the end of his 17 year football career. It was a day of reckoning that every cheese-head knew would eventually come to fruition. Thanks for everything Brett, we’ll miss you. However, that wasn’t the only farewell of this past Tuesday.

    • Feb 28 2008
    • 28 Feb 2008

    This Week in Geek 2/26

    Hey hey, it’s new comic Wednesday… Well actually it’s Thursday and I’m a little late. I was busy ok! Please don’t tell my Worthpoint bosses, the beatings… Oh the beatings, and my wrists are so sore from the chains that hold me at my desk. Please send help…

    • Feb 25 2008
    • 25 Feb 2008

    The Comic Speculator

    This week in the Comic Speculator I’m taking a look at the legendary work of Alex Toth in the classic Zorro Dell Four Color comics. For more on Zorro’s latest comic series check out my other blog, This Week in Geek, where I discuss new comics that are destined to be tomorrow collectible back issues.

    • Feb 20 2008
    • 20 Feb 2008

    This Week in Geek 2/20 Zorro returns!

    If you’re a nerd in your late 20’s to early 30’s like me then you probably spent last Sunday night watching the American Gladiator finals (hosted by Hulk Hogan) and the premiere of Knight Rider. Now when I first heard that NBC was bringing back American Gladiators I thought to myself “dear god, what new horrors will the writer strike unleash next?”.

    • Feb 15 2008
    • 15 Feb 2008

    The Comic Speculator

    No you’re not confused or in the wrong place, I just changed the name. The Nerdy Speculator is now “The Comic Speculator”! I mean that’s what I do here, speculate on back issue comics right? So here we go…

    • Feb 13 2008
    • 13 Feb 2008

    This Week in Geek 2/13

    Well here we are on another thrilling New Comic Wednesday for yet another edition of This Week In Geek! It’s days like today that make me glad to be a nerd and not a professional baseball player. Did you see Clemens on CNN this morning? The guy looked like he was going to cry. What have I learned from the MLB steroid scandal?

    • Feb 11 2008
    • 11 Feb 2008

    The Nerdy Speculator: Iron Man #1

    Welcome to the Nerdy Speculator where I’ll be taking a look at some older comics that are or will soon be hot items on the comic book back issue market. For news on newer books that are soon to be collector’s items be sure to check out my other blog, This Week in Geek, every Wednesday.