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    • Feb 7 2008
    • 7 Feb 2008

    This Week In Geek 02/06

    Welcome back to another edition of This Week In Geek. It’s the day after Super-Fat-Tuesday, the Superbowl Champion Giants have returned home, Barrack and Hillary are both trying to figure out who won yesterday and women of questionable character everywhere are desperately searching the internet for their own topless Margi Gras photos before their bosses and boyfriends find them.

    • Feb 1 2008
    • 1 Feb 2008

    Geek Speak 1/1/08

    So, hello all. My name is Matt and this semi-weekly blog is going to focus on the comic book universe. I’m not going to bore you with a list of my credentials, you can read my worthologist bio for that exciting info, but I will say (proudly) that I am Worthpoint’s head-comic-book-nerd. As I stated this blog will mainly concentrate on comic news, (ie.

    • Jan 30 2008
    • 30 Jan 2008

    This Week in Geek! 1/30

    Welcome back to blog formerly known as “Geek Speak”. As it would turn out, I recently discovered there is a comic themed podcast that already had claim to the name “Geek Speak“. So rather than attack the nice guys at Geek Speak radio with the full force of the pit bulls that represent Worthpoint’s legal team I have to decided to be the bigger man and concede the title of Geek Speak.

    • Jan 28 2008
    • 28 Jan 2008

    Hey, what’s this comic worth?

    Welcome to a blog I’m calling the Nerdy Speculator (TNS). TNS will be a semi-weekly blog that examines the comic book back issue marketplace. I’ll be talking about trends in the back issue market; what’s hot in both new and old comics, what’s going to be hot, what’s selling and what’s not.

    • Jan 26 2008
    • 26 Jan 2008

    Geek Speak New Comic Day Edition 1/23

    Ok it’s not Wednesday, it’s Friday but, better late than never. This week was a rather small one for new books, I found myself bringing home only six. Shameful I know but I until I can convince the Worthpoint overlords to buy my books for me on a weekly basis, my own pocket book will have to do all the heavy lifting. Anyway lets get to it:

    • Jan 21 2008
    • 21 Jan 2008

    Geek Speak New Comic Day Edition 1/16/08

    It’s Wednesday and that means it’s time for the first “New Comic Book Day” edition of Geek Speak! Every Wednesday I’ll be ranting and raving about the new books and giving you an idea on what us geeks are reading/collecting. So, enough talk, lets get down to the meat of the matter! It’s new comic day!

    • Jan 16 2008
    • 16 Jan 2008

    Geek Speak Supplimental, X-men Messiah CompleX checklist

    Below you will find a X-Men: Messiah Complex Checklist taken from to help you catch up on the best X-Men crossover in recent memory. Now Start shopping while you can still afford the books!

    X-Men Messiah Complex #1A Cover by David Finch