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    • Jun 3 2008
    • 3 Jun 2008

    German World War II Police helmet

    Pictured is a World War II German model 1934 Police helmet. The helmet has double decals on either side. One decal is the German Eagle with swaztica in silver and black and wreath of silver and black surrounded in black with a silver colored border representing the German nation.

    • Apr 22 2008
    • 22 Apr 2008

    German World War One Pilot’s helmet

    During the First World War flight was in it’s infancy. Many people had only read about airplanes and the many new inventions relating to flight. New aviation inventions were develped by Germany, France Great Briton, Italy, Austria-Hungary Russia and the U.S. Airplanes at the begining of the war were used mainly for reconnaissance of the enemies supply lines and trench forifications.

    • Mar 26 2008
    • 26 Mar 2008

    Japanese Officer’s pack

    At the start of World War II, equipment issued to troops by the Japanese Army typically was based on European designs. As the war progressed, material shortages became extreme and the Japanese took many measures to minimize the use of metal in any form. Metal features such as buckles on packs, helmets and other equipment were replaced by cloth or rubberized leather.

    • Mar 22 2008
    • 22 Mar 2008

    Italian World War II Chrome helmet

    The Italian Army wore the French Adrian helmet during World War I, eventually producing its own version known as the Model 1916. All that changed after Benito Mussolini came to power in 1925.

    • Mar 4 2008
    • 4 Mar 2008

    French World War One combination coffee grinder and mess kit

    During the First World War, the French soldier was required to carry great deal of equipment inside or attached to his field pack. The type of gear carried by an average soldier today has changed from the equipment carried 90+ years ago. The weight on the other hand has remained about the same at roughly 75 pounds.

    • Feb 5 2008
    • 5 Feb 2008

    British National Flag of World War II

    There’s a mystery to this flag.

    Here is what we do know. It is definitely the flag of Great Britain and that it is definitely of World War II vintage. It is truly a big flag measuring 50 x 70 inches or about 4′ to almost 6′. We know that it was made in Belgium and appears to be completely hand made using a standard home-based sewing machine, not a commercial one.

    • Feb 1 2008
    • 1 Feb 2008

    Concentration Camp Symbols of World War II

    During the NAZI era of 1930-1940 Germany, the World War II era, the government created a state policy where ‘undesirable’ groups within Germany and any of its occupied territories were isolated from the general population. These groups were identified as Jews, homosexuals, gypsies, Jehovah’s Witnesses, criminals, political prisoners, and emigrants.

    • Feb 1 2008
    • 1 Feb 2008

    SA Dagger Imposter

    Curiously enough, this SA dagger came into the shop recently and only after careful examination after the fact revealed that in fact this official looking SA dagger was an imposter.

    Here’s how I can now tell:

    – the color of the handle and the scabbard should be brown, not black,

    – the handle itself could be a reproduction and the scabbard changed to reflect the reproduction,

    • Jan 16 2008
    • 16 Jan 2008

    Goodbye to the Mess Kit

    If it is true that an Army marches on its stomach, then the mess kit was the way the Army marches.

    The examples of mess kits I have belong to World War I and the Vietnam Era. The first is heavy gauge steel and has some heft to it. Its design survived through the Second World War. The ‘chow’ was added unceremoniously into uncompartmented sections where everything eventually ran together.