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    • Mar 24 2008
    • 24 Mar 2008

    Masters of Food and Wine South America

    This past month I attended the Masters of Food and Wine opening party held at the Palacio Duhau in Buenos Aires. Masters of Food and Wine is an annual conference put on by the Park Hyatt; it had been held in Carmel for close to twenty years. In 2007, it debuted in Mendoza, Argentina. This year’s Masters of Food and Wine made a huge splash in Argentine wine country.

    • Jan 9 2008
    • 9 Jan 2008

    Emerging Artists: Focus on the Streets of Europe

    Collecting art is an investment in taste. Knowing what artist may produce works that become a valued investment is no easy task. When an artist is consistently shown in esteemed galleries, when s/he’s commissioned by brands to design for their products, and when an artist publishes well received coffee table books – these are the signs of an emerging talent in the art world.