American Cut & Engraved Glass

This book shines with more than 500 black-and-white photos and descriptions of beautiful glass pieces. Follow the evolution of glass styles and designs, learn the motifs, and discover how to build a collection.

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Table of Contents:





1 Learning about Glassmaking

2 Our Glass Heritage in History

3 Cut Glass in America: Early and Middle Periods

4 Brilliant Period Cut Glass

5 Social and Political Consequences of the Industrial Revolution

6 Nomenclature o fMotifs and Patterns

7 Evolution of Pattern Styles, Patented Designs, and Trademarks

8 Advertising, Distribution, and Prices

9 Evolution of a Glass Factory: Mount Washington/Pairpoint

10 Life-Style of the Rich

11 More Cut Glass Rarities

12 Life-Style of the Middle Classes

13 Cut Glassware in the Home

14 Libbey Cut Glass

15 Dorflinger, Hawkes, and Steuben

16 Tuthill, Meriden, Bergen, and Niland

17 Other Glassware Companies

18 European Versus American

19 Why and How to Build a Collection

20 Choosing Glassware

American and Canadian Trademarks or Signatures

Annotated Bibliography

Index of Illustrated Designs or Patterns


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