Answers to Questions About Old Jewelry

Making smart sense of today’s dynamic world of collectible jewelry is what you will achieve with this new edition of the jewelry collector’s classic must-have; now in color for the first time! Authoritative details, such as maker’s marks, outlined in this guide help you to identify, date and assess everything from brooches and pins to pendants, rings and lockets from the mid-1800s through the 1950s.

This new color edition also includes coverage of Modernist jewelry; as well as an expanded section devoted to Mexican jewelry, a market where many pieces are selling for thousands of dollars each. Packed with 1,000 exquisite color photos and organized in a category and period format, this new edition of the best selling guide to antique jewelry will inspire you and enlighten you.

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Table of Contents:






A Note From the Author


Section One

Chapter One: 1840-18960

Chapter Two: 1861-1887

Chapter Three: 1890-1917

Chapter Four: 1920-1930s

Chapter Five: 1940-1950s

Chapter Six: Circa Dating Clues

Chapter Seven: Other Popular Collectible Jewelry

Section Two: What Is This Metal?

Is It Real?

How Was It Made?

Who Made It?