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WorthPoint is hiring in the Atlanta Office

Content Marketing Manager

This role is an unusual opportunity to step into a well-established and rapidly-growing startup while also working from a blank canvas in an affiliated e-commerce business that is about to launch. WorthPoint is the world’s largest website for identifying, valuing, and preserving art, antiques, and vintage collectibles. Already comprising more than 400 million web pages, 1 billion images, and 70,000 daily visitors, WorthPoint is rapidly growing and in need of a Content Marketing Manager (CMM).

The position will be split roughly 75/25 between WorthPoint and our brand new affiliated site, (HIP). HIP is devoted to recording the best of the world’s history that has been saved on film in the last 150 years and sharing it in the form of vivid historical descriptions and fine-art-quality prints available for purchase. While new, HIP has more than 2,000 SKUs and counting, supported by a multinational team across the US, Romania, and the Philippines.

Position summary

The CMM will oversee all marketing-related content initiatives, both internal and external, across multiple platforms and formats to drive brand awareness, engagement, sales, retention, and other positive customer behaviors. As a leader in a cross-functional discipline, the CMM will work directly with the CEO and Founder of both sites to effectively communicate the company’s message.

For WorthPoint, the CMM will collaborate with leaders in social media, paid digital marketing, SEO, and customer service to build an effective content strategy into the overall digital marketing effort. With HIP, the position will be independently responsible for SEO, social media, and community growth, in addition to content.

This collaborative position functions across multiple domains including public relations, communications, marketing, customer service, IT, sales, and human resources. Thus, the CMM should expect to have a hand in defining, governing, and deploying the brand’s story, both from the organization’s perspective and the audience’s interpretation.


The CMM’s primary responsibility is to determine the particular approach to content that will offer the greatest value. The CMM role is a mixture of management and hands-on responsibilities undertaken while leading the content program, including:

  • Developing and documenting the content marketing strategy. This includes defining the audience personas and content mission, setting clear marketing objectives for content, and understanding how the content integrates with the rest of WorthPoint’s business objectives.
  • Establishing standards, systems, best practices, and workflow processes for managing the content marketing lifecycle, including requesting, producing, distributing, promoting, measuring, and retiring content. This includes ensuring all content is on-brand; is consistent in terms of style, quality, and tone of voice; and is optimized for search and user experience across all appropriate channels.
  • Outlining a channel plan. Identifying the primary channels for how the sites should communicate with customers (across digital, social, print, and in-person initiatives). Developing and executing a plan for how the business will tell its story on each appropriate channel (including setting the tone and voice, as well as establishing acceptable operational policies and practices).
  • Collaborating with and leveraging lean and efficient teams on all initiatives to identify content needs and opportunities and ensure efficiency and consistency across channels, verticals, and functional departments.
  • Working with the company’s technical team to implement an efficient content management system (CMS), and any other essential tech systems (e.g., marketing automation, email management, social media management).
  • Managing and maintaining content inventories and matrices, and driving the overall content calendar for the organization.
  • Contracting and supervising content creators/experts in all content verticals, as well as managing the efforts of all team writers, editors, and producers.
  • Establishing performance goals and overseeing ongoing measurement protocols to evaluate and optimize content effectiveness. This can include gathering data and handling analytics, as well as making recommendations based on performance results.
  • Contributing to the creation of search-engine-optimized content, including category landing pages, product descriptions, blog articles, and email campaigns


Success criteria

Ultimately, the success of this position relies on the ability to create a better customer for the organization. Performance expectations should be based on the continual improvement of customer nurturing, converting, and retention through storytelling, as well as by increases in new prospects brought into the enterprise through the consistent development and deployment of content.

Primary criteria for success are customer and employee affinity, measured by lifetime customer value, customer satisfaction, and employee advocacy. Additional criteria for gauging success may include:

  • Positive brand recognition and message consistency across chosen published channels
  • Gains in defined customer engagement metrics (measured by users taking a desired action – conversions, subscriptions, purchases, etc.)
  • Website and social media traffic growth
  • Conversion metrics definition and growth
  • Improvements in positive social media sentiment
  • Positive customer feedback and survey data
  • Increases in important search engine keyword rankings
  • Reductions in the time it takes customers to move through the sales/buying cycle
  • Creation of new up-sell and cross-sell opportunities through content analysis and application
  • A stronger enterprise-wide focus on driving sales, saving costs, or creating happier customers through content

Experience and education

An effective CMM must be able to balance a customer-first marketing mentality with the story-focused mindset of a publisher, while serving as a team mentor, performance driver, and champion of the overall brand experience with content.  

Requisite experience and training includes:

  • Background in multichannel content creation (publishing, journalism, etc.)
  • Creation of compelling messages for multiple demographic targets
  • Demonstrated ability to hire, onboard, lead, manage, and inspire a diverse team of contracted content creators
  • Work with audience development and subscription strategies
  • Superb analytical skills and strong capacity for creating, understanding, and communicating measurement strategies across multiple content initiatives
  • Outstanding communication and interpersonal skills, including proficiency with negotiation and mediation to ensure mutually beneficial outcomes for all stakeholders
  • Thorough knowledge of core marketing principles, as well as brand, product, and service management functions
  • Passion for serving as a customer advocate; intuitively understanding the audience’s needs, and deftly crafting messaging and other means of delivering value to them
  • Entrepreneurial spirit
  • College educated (recent graduates will be considered)

Desirable skills and capabilities

As the CMM operates as the leader of storytelling, he or she must be capable of fully understanding and skillfully addressing customer pain points through the creation and distribution of content. The ability to uphold high-quality standards is critical to the success of this role, as is a working knowledge of content trends, techniques, and best practices. While it is not necessary for the CMM to have deep knowledge or understanding of history, antiques, and collectibles, it is important that he or she is able to fully embrace the industry and its community.

Skills and traits particularly useful include:

  • Proven editorial abilities, including an outstanding command of the English language, as well as a working knowledge of fundamental marketing principles, practices, and techniques
  • Training as a print or broadcast journalist and/or a well-developed “nose” for the relevant story. This includes an understanding of how to create content that will draw an audience (it is critical that the CMM retain an “outsider’s perspective,” much like that of a journalist), and the ability to screen out sales pitches and messaging
  • Intellectual curiosity and a passion for staying on top of the latest industry advances and trends – including an active interest in the latest media platforms, technology tools and marketing solutions, as well as how to apply them to content creation and distribution
  • Strong leadership, management, and organizational skills, including the confidence and intuition to take independent initiative where needed, in line with the CEO’s vision
  • A high level of comfort with long- and short-form, and real-time (immediate) content creation and distribution strategies and tactics
  • Familiarity with internet publishing tools, such as HTML, CSS, WordPress, and Shopify
  • Knowledge of working with web analytics tools (Google Analytics), email marketing services (MailChimp), social media marketing applications (Hootsuite, TweetDeck, etc.), and leading social media platforms and monitoring tools
  • Understanding of search engine optimization, including strategies, best practices and current trends
  • Comfort with speaking about/advocating for content marketing at both internal and external meetings and events, and as part of your organization’s content initiatives (i.e., willing to become a cheerleader for organizational change around content)

Headquartered in the beautiful offices of Atlanta’s Perimeter Center, WorthPoint is driven by a lean and efficient team of fewer than 10 full-time employees. Benefits of employment with WorthPoint include great health care, 401K, Concourse Athletic Club membership, and a tight-knit, collaborative work environment. Required travel is minimal and manageable. The Content Marketing Manager position is salaried starting at $40,000 and is eligible for stock option ownership in WorthPoint in addition to any company bonus plans that may be developed.

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