13" Reproduction JD Kestner #221 Googly Doll

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  • Date Posted: Sep 10, 2010
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Here is a wonderful reproduction bisque-head JD Kestner #221 Googly doll. Doll stands 13" tall. She has a bisque swivel head. Googly is characterized by her round, side-glancing eyes, slanted eyebrows, watermelon mouth, and cute nose which adds an impish look to the face. Doll has painted lashes, angled brows with ochre shading, upturned pug nose, and closed mouth with watermelon-slice-shaped lips. Doll wears a dirty-blonde mohair wig over plaster pate. She has a composition and wooden ball-jointed toddler body. Doll is nicely costumed in vintage green and white dress, white felt slippers and old-fashioned creamy white stockings. Googly has a chubby tummy. Arms are strung firmly at shoulders and elbows. Legs jointed firmly at thigh and knee. There appears to be some spotting of doll's body, primarily on her legs and arms. Still, her stomach and face are in pristine condition.