Antique Framed Print "Pelias Killed By His Daughters"

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  • Date Posted: Nov 09, 2010
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Very old antique art print in a beautiful ornate wooden frame. The artist is Moreau de Tours and the 1878 painting from which it's taken is "Pelias Killed By His Daughters". In Greek mythology, Pelias was the son of Poseidon and seized the throne of Thessely against the wishes of the gods. He was told by the Oracle that a man with one sandal would appear to challenge his position of power and when Jason (of the Argonauts) showed up after losing a sandal whilst crossing a river, Pelias figured he was the threat and could be eliminated by being sent upon an impossible retrieve the Golden Fleece. Upon Jason's returning with the fleece (Uh-Oh!) Pelias still refused to give up his throne and the godess Medea was PO'd, convinced Jason was the rightful heir to power. Medea convinced Pelias's daughters that if they killed their father and put him in the cookpot he'd re-emerge a strong, young man. Didn't happen...they just ended up with a pot of mush. Pretty gruesome those ancients... Anyhow, for the price of $295 plus shipping and insurance (calculated based upon final destination) this unique piece can be yours. Please feel free to email or call (910) 612-3820 with any questions.