Blank Ammo

  • Price: $500.00
  • Item Category: Firearms and Accessories
  • Type: Item for Sale
  • Date Posted: Jun 11, 2013
1000 rounds 5.56mm Blank ammo, $ 500.00 No projectile. Use for training or demonstration and should be used with caution. Just as dangerous as standard ammo with lots of flash and noise. CLEAN YOUR WEAPON after firing blank ammunition, it may cause corrosion. These blanks will work with most semi & full auto 223 rifles with the correct blank adaptor or if a licensed gunsmith has modified the gun. If the gun has been modified for special use it needs a different blank. If there is no modification then the gun will fire single shot. ***WARNING**WARNING**WARNING*** Use only in correct caliber as inscribed on the barrel. The gun should never be pointed or fired directly at a person or animal because of possible injury. Always wear proper hearing protection and shooting glasses. All shells are loaded with a fast burning flash powder and weapons should be cleaned after firing. Store all blanks in a cool dry place.